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Need help with Multimedia chair

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, May 20, 2008.

  1. I recently purchased this chair on ebay. Picked it up thinking it should be pretty simple. It has a battery pack in the back of it and on the side of it, it has an on/off switch and a plug hole with the word 'speakers' on it, thats it. To plug the MP3 player (or anything else for that matter) what do I put in the speakers plug hole? My MP3 player only has a charger and phones. I don't get it. Either I am having a blonde moment or I need an extra cable.
    Anyone else have one of these who can help?

  2. you need a cord, that has a headphone jack at either end. one goes to the phones - out on your device, the other goes to your "speakers" plug on the chair.
    you pick these up from d1ck smith, or other electronic stores for ~$5 - $10
    the batteries will power the speakers. :)
  3. Is the hole about 1/8" (very roughly 1 mm) or about 1/4" (2 mm)? I'm guessing what you'll need is a male-to-male cable - i.e. one that has a jack the same as the one that goes your mp3 player on the other end as well. Should be pretty cheap and simple to get hold of.
  4. Not sure of the size but it does seem to need a plug on each end that is the same size as my MP3 player headphones. Thanx for the help guys, will head over to Dick Smith tomorrow :)
  5. My guess is that it will be a 3.5mm stereo jack. These are the most common connectors on consumer audio gear.

    Pity you are not closer Flipper. I use about 200 a month of these for a current project. If you can wait a couple of days for the snail mail, I will post you a couple. PM me if you wish.
  6. You'll need a 3.5m Plug - Plug stereo cable.
    Which will connect your TV/Computer/MP3 to the chair.
    Sells at Dick Smith for $11.