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VIC Need help with LAMS rip off

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MARS, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Hi, Im a brand new rider. I brought a 09 Suzuki Gladius (SFV650) I was told by the dealer that it was LAMS approved version but apon more research it isn't according to the Vic Roads records (number plate serch) I cross cheeked VIN and it all matches. I love the bike but can't legally ride it now. Any suggestions on what I can do? Brought it on 06/06/15.

  2. Unless you have it (LAMS) written on the contract somewhere its going to be tough. You could try approaching the dealer with this new information and see what they say.
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    SV650SU and SFV650U are both approved.. so it is not a "U" version?
    if it is a U version, then maybe Vicroads records are not correct. wouldn't be the first time.

    fwiw, when you do NSW online rego checks (of bikes for sale on bikesales), fo rthe SFV650U, the rego check comes up "SUZUKI SFV650 MOTOR CYCLE", it doesn't have the "U" detail there?

    ah, Vicroads check has LAMS status (for the 2 for sale on bikesales)... :(
  4. Thanks for your help guys, I checked other bikes regos with Vic roads with 650U version and they come up fine. Thier Gumtree add says its LAMS approved I took screen shots and saved link. Will have to contact them now and read fine print again. If anyone comes up with a idea please post.
    Is it possible to convert bike to 650U version?
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  5. If a cop looks up your rego and it says non LAMS in the system and you're displaying an L Plate then you're gonna have a bad time.
    Also your insurer will not cover you and TAC may not fully cover you if you are riding unlicensed (ie learner riding a non LAMS bike)
    When you enter the rego here http://vre.vicroads.vic.gov.au/VRESearch.aspx it needs to say LAM = Yes to avoid these problems.

    The dealer should sort this out for you, but if they decide to be a twat about it then exercise your right to a cooling off period. Assuming you bought it from a licensed dealer, you have 3 days not including weekends and public holidays, they can keep $100 but that's a cheap escape from buying a bike that you cant legally ride for 3 years. Make sure you don't let the dealer dick you around, get your cooling off into them in writing before cob on Thursday 11th June if they haven't sorted it out by then.
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  6. I'd demand the whole deposit back as it clearly was not as described.
    Play it cool, chances are its a simple misunderstanding or error on the paperwork and they will act good about it.

    There is no easy way to recertify the bike as LAMS, it will need its ecu replaced and/or additional modifications which will result in needing the bike recertified. Much less trouble to just get a LAMS bike to start with.
  7. See a solicitor!
  8. I agree - give them the benefit of the doubt that it was an oversight rather than going in with all guns blazing. If they're a good dealer they'll want to sort out the problem and keep a customer.

    If they refuse to do anything, you have a few options for recourse as people have suggested - and don't forget the power of social media ;)

    Is there anything in the law stuff about a dealer selling a non-LAMS bike to a learner?
  9. Hi MARS, I have been in similar with my KTM 390 Duke (bike as model listed as LAMS -however when i have checked against rego. of my one "LAMS status NO". After this surprise discovery I have firstly contacted VicRoads no much help over the phone, then Peter Stevens with same result. Seeing as being left without much help - i have decided to go to VicRoads in person.
    To prepare myself I have printed: 1)copy of my rogo. status, 2) VicRoads list of approved LAMS bikes and all purchase papers (contract etc). Guy behind counter could not make decision himself -t change status of my bike in the system- took my paper to his manager and some 5 minus later -everything was sorted - to confirm hi printed new copy of rego status for mu with "LAMS status YES".
    As far as it forced me to do myself - I was able to correct it all in relatively short and simple process.
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  10. No, but if they told him it was LAMS approved then he has a case.
  11. Shouldn't be any need for lawyers VCAT etc as you can legally change your mind about a purchase within 3 days for $100. And that'll only be necessary if the dealer doesn't resolve the problem voluntarily. Which they should, if their ad said it was a LAMS bike and it's not. Modifying the bike to make it LAMS is going to be a pain in the arse so the best solution would be for the dealer to just void the contract and issue a full refund. Unless its just an admin error on vicroads part, in which case they update the rego system and keep the bike.
  12. Hi all, Thanks for the help, I contacted dealer and they were able to fix the problem with Vic Roads. They were pretty good to deal with, if any one else gets stuck with this problem contact the manufacture of the bike they have all the records to fix the issue. Now I can finally ride the thing.
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  13. so it was a "U" version after all? :)
  14. It was, although I have my doubts I will find out when I put the throttle on. According to Suzuki its a LAMS Model. The compliance plate doesn't have the 'U' but the engine no & VIN match the records and the plate. I'm happy either way I just want to ride it with out problems. With any luck its the full powered version . :D
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    MARSMARS my CB400 originally did NOT show as LAMS when i checked with VicRoads.

    I did as you did an researched everything i could find and got the dealer to speak directly with VicRoads. Apparently when the bike was first registered (i'm the 2nd owner) they (the dealer) didn't put it down as a LAMS bike so it didn't show up.

    VicRoads where quite happy to fix this issue for me, and updated the database so the bike does show as a LAMS bike.

    I'm glad you got your issue sorted in the end.

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  16. Hi sorry to bring this thread back but after reading it i decided to do a check on my 2009 gladius and guess what vic roads says not lams. I have had my bike since the 13th of August. When i found the paperwork it only states lams on the pink slip that came with the sale contract there is nothing on the ownership papers at all the vin plate also has it as SFV650 there is no U it was advertised as lams by the dealer. I need to fix this as i dont need to be put off the road how do i find out from Suzuki if it is infact lams or non lams. Also what do I do if its not? I am still on my learner licence.
  17. I would be speaking to the dealer stating that you were sold a NON LAMS bike rather than the LAMS bike they advertised. From what i can see the 650U is the LAMS model. Legally you cannot ride this if it is not a LAMS bike. A Suzuki dealer should be able to assist you with confirming if your model is indeed a LAMS bike.
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  18. I also have this problem
    I did a check on my new rsv4 factory
    and lo and behold its not lambs either
    how am I supposed to ride it?
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  19. Take it back and get a CBR300R. Same bike, but better.
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