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Need help with honda spada

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mitchcini, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi guys. Me and my mechanic have run out of ideas so I put it to the forum. I have a 89 Honda spada that only revs to 7000rpm when cold and may get to 7500rpm once warm.
    My mechanic pulled the carby out and stripped and cleaned it. Cleaned the fuel lines and tank. Checked engine compression and timing, fully serviced bike (oil, plugs and filter) replaced black computer (2nd hand one I think that controls spark firing) and still has the same problem. It's killing me now because I've almost spent more repairing the bike then what I paid for it only months ago!
    Has anyone come across a similar problem before?!

  2. Well, I've heard of general discussion dumping but this?
    Give the man a medal!

    Only advice I can give is get a second opinion mate and good luck. Pain in the but it sounds like.
  3. Haven't seen the problem. An idea to investigate though:

    High Voltage: HV Leads or coils. Maybe a hairline crack in the coils allowing a High Voltage leak to frame. You may be able to see that leakage in a dark location.

    Good Luck.
  4. Thanks guys, I can look into these. The bike has recently been given to another mechanic (without me knowing about it) and he is going over it. One thing to note is it seems really consistant to the revs it peaks out at. Its not like first peaks at 7k rpm and 5th at 8k rpm.
  5. What are you measuring with?
    Have you checked your tacho?
  6. I am measuring of the tacho. The way I can be sure it's not solely a tachometer problem is because the bike cannot go faster than 85kph as it is not going over 7k rpm.
  7. OK cool.
    What about your throttle grip - how far does it turn before you hit the stop? Mine does almost exactly a quarter turn...
    Is the action smooth, and does it snap back when you let go?