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need help with deciphering a REVS check!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rvpkash, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. hi guys

    i agreed to buy a bike over the phone so hadn't placed a deposit, was waiting for the guy to get the RWC

    so i got a revs check done, turns out it has finance on it (it has a VSR certificate), which looks like it could be sorted out but it also says it was registered as a repairable write off

    "On what date was the vehicle entered on the WOVR? 22/11/2005 In VIC
    Was the write off reported as repairable? Yes
    The reported damage type, location & severity of damage was?
    Impact Damage Rear left Light Panel damage
    Impact Damage Rear right Light Panel damage"

    the registration history of it goes

    Previous operators listed in date order: Private 3037 14/02/2007 27/02/2008
    (Car Dealers/Traders excluded) Private 3216 09/09/2006 14/02/2007
    Private 3976 29/09/2005 09/09/2006
    Company 3000 29/09/2005 29/09/2005
    Company 3000 28/09/2005 29/09/2005
    Private 3831 11/07/2003 10/06/2005

    so it was written off before all those owners.

    there is a diagram that i can't figure out or find any info about;

    what do those numbers mean? if the finance is sorted out will the bike be ok to buy?

    agreed price of $2100 for a '95 zeal that was complianced in '99 with 24XXX on the clock.

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  2. If you call VicRoads they'll be able to give you more detailed info over the phone about it.

    There's a diagram on the second page of this document that might help ... it's for NT but I think the diagram codes are much the same.

    As for whether the bike's okay to buy, sorry wouldn't have a clue, needs far more experience than I can offer.
  3. I wouldn't personally touch it. Finance on it after so many owners, a write-off and lack of history.

    The only way I'd consider is if they halved that price or more.

    But that's just me.
  4. hey guys,

    i called up vicroads and that diagram i attached is just a key used in the office so they can easily record where the damage is.

    assuming the finance can be fixed up can anyone give me an idea of how bad the damage would be?

    "Impact Damage Rear left Light Panel damage
    Impact Damage Rear right Light Panel damage"

    are there any bike mechanics on the forums?

    I told him i'm hesitant on buying a bike with that history and i'll make him a low offer if i can get some guidance on the extent of that damage

    edit - called up the finance company and due to privacy restrictions i can't get any info about the encumbrance unfortunately
  5. Personally, I'd be staying away from it. No matter how good a deal it may sound like, the bike seems to have had a bad history and I think you are asking for trouble.

    Either way you decide to go, hope it turns out well.
  6. Uh yeah. **** that.

    The last thing you want to be doing is paying for the bike twice or having it taken away from you.

    I think the fact you need to ask (I would have no idea myself), means you can't possibly know enough to be sure you are safe with this purchase.
  7. Don't buy financed bikes. if they didn't have the money to buy it outright they certainly didn't have the money or gumption to service it appropriately. And $2500 is too much for that bike anyway.
  8. well it seems everyone is hung up about the finance,

    technically the finance company doesn't have to notify vicroads when the finance ends so often that paper work doesnt make it through,
    thats what has happened in this case. there's no finance on the bike.

    I'm more interested in getting some advice regarding the light impact damage?

    I interpret that as someone dropped the bike or had a low speed fall, made an insurance claim (where most people wouldnt) and thats what the mechanic said, repairable write off. The bike looks pretty clean but there was a few slide scratches on the back.
  9. Make sure you see the original close out documentation and get a copy of it.
  10. I have repaired two repairable write off's now, damage can be anything from superficial scratches to moderate broken items like headlight/instruments to bent forks and broken damaged engine components. Light panel damage would not be a problem and can easily write off a bike.
  11. it would be difficult to sell again right? that and the fact that its a zeal.. does anyone actually HAVE these bikes??