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Need Help with Caging (urgent-ish)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by say_wat, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I'm coming down to melbourne hopefully tomorrow, and i really needed a car for a few days. I'm 22 yrs old so i'm having trouble with some of the rental companies (either excessive surcharge, or not available to me).

    Does anyone have a spare car lying around they'd be willing to rent to me in melbourne? (26th*maybe*), 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th. Ofcourse i'll give some collateral and we can write down a little 'contract' as well.

    Cheers fellas
  2. what about the escort thats for sale for $300
  3. Sorry mate sold the car.. have you thought about getting a bike,,(hire)
    the hire joints for cars seem to be 23+ as far as i could see from a quick look..
    we have rockin good riding weather at the moment.. :grin:
  4. That'd be buying a whole heap of trouble lol & $300 is a bit much for me, and after the trip, i'll be left with a liability. Need something that isn't likely to die on me...

    I'd love to hire a bike, but my sister lives in melbourne, and was supposed to take her to a few places, its jus not practical... i've always wanted to ride in melb and do the black spur. One day...one day...

    Worst thing is that i'll be 23 in november... *sigh* oh well
    www.Rentabomb.com.au was a good option, too bad for the age thing lol

    Thanks a heap fellas for the ideas though :)
  5. Hey there.

    Have you tried renat a wreck or rent a bomb? These are places that will rent older cars and I believe they are a little more flexible with ages and insuance.

    Good luck to you.
  6. I've tried all official avenues, google and all; even that vroom website. Rent-a-bomb only supplies for people over the age of 23.

    The problem is as initially mentioned; for my age, the surcharges are extremely high, or unavailable alltogether.

    It makes sense from their prespective(insurance etc), but i wish they factored in the drivers previous driving record etc
    oh well, bummer :(

    I was quite lost for wat to do, then i remembered that netrider is mainly melbourne based and may be able to help somehow.

    I dont even mind a UTE for hire, lol, as long as there is room for two people. Here in sydney, some servos have old utes they hire out for 15-20 dollars/24hrs, and they are quite relaxed with age etc. Anyone know of such things there?
  7. When you phoned the larger co. did they recommend a place that may be able to assist?

    If not, try phoning them back.
  8. Nup, most large companies do have cars available for my age, just that the surcharge is like $100!
  9. Can your sister hire on your behalf.

    Good Luck!
  10. She's even younger than me lol :D

    I'd ask for someone to hire on my behalf, but thats a big responsibility to put on someone to do something illegal...

    Still open to offers... I thought everybody had a spare old car, lol
  11. That's what parents are for!
  12. $100 isn't very much to ask to get you out of troble is it?

    Alternatively, just think of the joy that you could be having on Melbourne's public transport...
  13. lol, parents r overseas at the moment.... and im a student so i can't really afford 100 + (100+) in rental charges...
  14. well its time to sell the bike
  15. your young and you cant aford to rent a car....hmmmm i think you might be up some sort of creek without a paddle.

    I was about to suggest Bayswater Car Rental, but then i realised they are only in Perth and Sydney, bugger.

    Generally speaking, yeah hiring a car is a pretty expensive experience, especially when your young.

    You mentioned about some servo's hiring out old utes and things, maybe your best bet is going to be wait till your in Melbourne and then ask around for a servo who has them???

    Good luck with it anyway.
  16. wanna buy? :p

    thanks duff, might have to do that as last resort