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need help with buying gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by doug mech eng, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. hi guys/gals

    i'm new to the game. i don't have a bike or a license yet, but they are both on their way. i've saved up some money and can afford to start looking at gear.

    my first question is: where is the best place to buy gear in melb? (i've looked in Peter Stevens and AMX in bayswater)

    where is a good place to look for secondhand gear? (I've looked in the classified on this site and also ebay)

    i can afford good quality stuff, and its always been the route i've taken with other stuff in the past. its seems to have worked so far - buy well, buy once.

    i tried on a few jackets in PS and the top of the line MX1 by Alpinestar was the only jacket that felt really good. although it comes with a 900 price tag.

    safety is my main consideration. what you wear is the only thing between you and the grave. if i came off, i'd wanting to be wearing the best stuff possible, and thats why i've steered away from cruising type gear, so looking more at the street/racing stuff. i know that its not going to be as comfortable, but that might be the price i have to pay. i'm not going to be riding my bike every day, as i will also have a car. so i don't really need to think about comfort so much, or water protection.

    with the leathers, i want jacket and pants that fit well, look good, provide maximum protection and have a fair bit of colour on them to keep me visiable. i'm thinking at the moment that the MX1 jacket with matching pants is what i want to get. together thats 1500 dollars is the only real dilema. however i think that its a small price to pay to keep your skin and get you out of hospital earlier if you do happen to come off.

    i would avoid riding in adverse conditions, as i have a car, but if i did get stuck in the rain, my plan would be to carry a plastic over-suit. what do people think about that?

    i'm looking at only one set of everything at the moment, so i'm wondering if i should get waterproof boots and gloves, or just normal ones.

    any advice on anything i've mentioned? tips, anything...

    cheers, Doug.
  2. Hi Doug,

    I best found peter Stevens to deal with due to the range of good at their stores...I would not be too concerned about the brand, it will come down to which fits you better..Example..I tried Dainese 2 piece lethers and found that the jacket fit well but the pants were too long, so I purchased the jacket with the Alpine Star pants, changed the zipper to suit and bingo...all is good.
    As for the boots..I found that most popular brands did not suit my calfs..so (after 2 unsuccesful pair) I finally found that BMW had a pair that allowed for any size calf and they are doing a geat job (bought them at MOTO ONE in Oakleigh...see Harold) They too have a good selection of Quality riding gear and I would not hesitate recommending them to you.

    Hope this helps.......
  3. Hey Doug,
    I agree with the quality purchasing idealogy :cool:
    I'm in the process of getting gear and will be getting a two pice suit which zips together.
    As you are in melbourne, I have heard good things about http://www.tigerangel.com.au/ Custom fit suits for similar price to Alpinestar.

    I'm also getting a back protector so you might want to look in to them.

    I have read positive reviews of the TPro Forcefield Back Protector - Sport. Cost including postage to Australia is approx £110

    Happy shopping! :grin:
  4. sepe, are you a push-bike rider? is there sport related reason why you have large calves. the reason i ask is that i am, and i also have large calves.

    mmmm. this is why i'm thinking its a good idea too. i'd like to have a wide range of options to try on. also, if you buy off ebay, you're don't know 100% if you'll like the fit, unless you've tried on the exact same model somwhere else. i love buying stuff off ebay, but i might not do it with bike gear for this reason.

    i was advised not to get a 2 piece suit by staff at PS if i wanted to wear the jacket by itself. apparently its not a good idea wear the jacket by itself because they are cut 4 inches higher with 2-piece suits (exposing your lower back). instead i was advised to get a jacket and pants seperately. (this is also the more expensive option hmmmmmm).

    what's the go there?

    mmmm. sounds like a good idea. although 110 pounds is a fair bit. did you mean AUD$? from memory i thought they were around AUD$100 in PS. not sure tho.
  5. Doug, go the tiger angel leathers! Buy the two piece zip together suit. Husband wears his jacket with jeans all the time and its plenty long enough. You can have the leathers custom made and tell them that you want to be able to separate the pieces to wear just a jacket. They can do it. I have had my leathers for 10 years now and they still fine - a little snug perhaps. Husband has had his four years and has had two offs in them, one at Winton and they only needed a small restitch. The second off, low speed didn't even scuff them. If you want a back protector the T pro is great. I have one too. Tip, if you are buying leathers try them on with a back protector on to make sure they fit properly.

    All the best. :grin:
  6. thats a good tip about trying the jacket with a back protector. cheers.

    i had a look on the tiger angel site, and i don't mind the look of the serpentine 2-piece. i just don't know what colour scheme to choose. lol.
  7. Definitely in pounds. This does include shipping.
  8. If you buy all your gear and a bike from the same place you should be able to get around 10% off... so whatever you get try to get it from the same place.

    I did this at Peter Stevens in the city and saved a few $$$.
  9. yeah, they told me at PS if i bought a bike and gear, they would discount it. i only want to buy gear though. does anyone know if they give discounts for just gear?