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need help with buying gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by doug mech eng, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. hi guys/gals

    i'm new to the game. i don't have a bike or a license yet, but they are both on their way. i've saved up some money and can afford to start looking at gear.

    my first question is: where is the best place to buy gear in melb? (i've looked in Peter Stevens and AMX

    where is a good place to look for secondhand gear? (I've looked in the classified on this site and also ebay)

    i can afford good quality stuff, and its always been the route i've taken with other stuff in the past. its seems to have worked so far - buy well, buy once.

    i tried on a few jackets in PS and the top of the line MX1 by Alpinestar was the only jacket that felt really good. although it comes with a 900 price tag.

    safety is my main consideration. what you wear is the only thing between you and the grave. if i came off, i'd wanting to be wearing the best stuff possible, and thats why i've steered away from cruising type gear, so looking more at the street/racing stuff. i know that its not going to be as comfortable, but that might be the price i have to pay. i'm not going to be riding my bike every day, as i will also have a car. so i don't really need to think about comfort so much, or water protection.

    with the leathers, i want jacket and pants that fit well, look good, provide maximum protection and have a fair bit of colour on them to keep me visiable. i'm thinking at the moment that the MX1 jacket with matching pants is what i want to get. together thats 1500 dollars is the only real dilema. however i think that its a small price to pay to keep your skin and get you out of hospital earlier if you do happen to come off.

    i would avoid riding in adverse conditions, as i have a car, but if i did get stuck in the rain, my plan would be to carry a plastic over-suit. what do people think about that?

    i'm looking at only one set of everything at the moment, so i'm wondering if i should get waterproof boots and gloves, or just normal ones.

    any advice on anything i've mentioned? tips, anything...

    cheers, Doug.

  2. Check the US ebay(.com without the .au) for gears. You're bound to find someone trying to get rid off their gears since it will be winter season for them.