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need help with bike identification an stuff

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blufox22, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Im after a little help an i thought this might be the place to turn to.

    Back in April this year my hubby was in a serious bike accident, hes ok just lots an lots of brakes ( got hit by a truck that didn't stop to see if any one was coming before turning infront of oncoming traffic).

    Our problem now is that the bike that he was riding was a 97 ZX6R, but were now being told now that it was a ZX6F. How do we find out what the bike is or should say was? Was brought as a ZX6R so were all its part.

    The bike had only 41,000k an still full farings with no damage except age, and now is a compleate write off. How would we find out the market value on his bike? Insurance will only pay out $3000.

    Has any one ever delt with insurence companies? Cause we havent had to do this before, an he wants the same bike back or a pay out that would be enough to buy the same. We've seen one for $8000.

    If any one can help me with any info on any of the above we would be ever so greatful..


    Kath an Andy
  2. It's both. ZX6R is what it was sold as, ZX6F is the official code for that particular model/year.
    It's a bit like the way cars are sold as say a Holden Commodore - but then you have the various VZ, VR, VN etc. model years.
  3. Im not an expert on this. but On motor vehicles the Vin/Chasis number tells you teh specific model/make of the vehicle. That should be recorded with Vicroads, and should even be on the rego sticker or rego papers if you still have that.
    That information will give you the model of the bike....Then there is no dispute...

    alot of vehicles come out, they look the same but they are differnt models. So the market value is obviously different....Hence why the chasis/vin number will always advise this.

  4. Thanks jd an oohsam for your help, yeah on his vin it has zx600f but insurance say there to compleatly different bikes.

    We still need to find out what the market value is, $3000 doesnt seem right, not when the bikes we have looked at (that are the same as his was) are all sitting around $8000ish.

    He just wants his bike back, hes still keen on riding...once he can walk again.
  5. It better be gold-plated and have great tits.

    I wouldn't pay more than $3,500 for a 97 model.
    My 2002 was only just over $7,000.
  6. For a '97 ZX6R Redbook puts it at $5,800-$6,800 for a private sale.
    Even the trade in price is well above 3k

    However if they're getting it confused with the ZZR600 (or ZX600) then the price is lower, though 3k still seems low for market value.
  7. According to some listings on bikesales.com.au you'd be looking at $4500 - $6500 range.

    See this link
  8. Insurance companies will always give a low offer first time, that's why
    it costs more to get agreed value insurance and skip all the argument
    at crash time.

    You could try getting a Kawasaki dealer or the bike repair place
    to confirm the bike model as a ZX6R, then get printouts from the internet
    of same model, similar kms and condition, and back that up with printouts
    of the redbook value. Dig out photos of the bike showing it was in
    good condition. Also find the purchase reciept from when you
    bought the bike. Show it all to the insurance company and tell them
    you want more. It's never going to be worth $8000 or the highest
    prices on the net, but they might give you one of the lower values
    like $4000. An extra $1000 would be worth a day's effort.

    If that fails you can contact the "insurance industry ombudsman" who is an
    independent adjudicator, he/she can assess your case and
    force the insurance company to obey his decision. But first you need
    to collect the evidence.
  9. Insurance companies will always use the current redbook
    Use redbook.com to find out the current market value.

  10. I suspect they are confusing it with a different bike. Like JD said above, maybe they think it is a zzr600. The '97 zzr600 redbook price is roughly half that of a 97 zx6r Ninja.

    I've found so far that insurance companies tend to over estimate the value of many full fairing sports bikes so i find your value of 3000$ very suspect and I would definately argue it should be higher.
  11. Thank you all for your help.

    Little update, on his rego its classed as a 98 not a 97 but on his paper work when he brought it the guy that sold it to us put 97.

    Every ones right to, the insurance company are saying its a 97 ZZR600 even though rego (as we now know) says 98 ZX600. The insurance company are offering $3000.

    Insurance explaned to us that they base their price in acordance to how they see the bike. It has no side fairings on it or with it nor is the front cone/fairing with or on the bike, dont know were they went after the accident. The bikes now all rusting were theres no paint, this is due to it sitting out in the rain and in water and mud (at the wreckers) and its been there for nearly 3 months.

    I have pictures of what the bike looked like a couple of weeks before the accident, and i have pictures of the bike just after the accident. Insurance company are tring to say that what the bike looks like now is probably not much different to what ti was just before the accident???? What a crock of s*@t.

    I dont understand insurance companies? Their more then willing to pay up to $2500 for all his gear, with out proof of price, but they dont wont to pay any more for the bike? I Dont understand that...any who we'll get there one....one day.

    Once again thank you to every one for their advise its been ever so helpful.


    little note:

    Please every one take it easy on the roads...and look out for trucks. Doesnt matter how big they are, they dont always see you, id hate for any one to go through what my husband has.
  12. ok - THAT^ is dodgy crap by them.

    What you want to do is write up a stat dec detailing the condition of the bike before and after the accident, signed by a JP - get your husband to do one also. Get a close friend who sees the bike regularly to do one too, just for good measure.
    Attach photos or include them in the stat dec.

    Keep the stat dec simple: it is purely a document that is stating the correct model and year of the bike, along with it's condition before and after the accident which has resulted in your claim.

    They are just 'trying it on' with this claim reject, condition dispute bullshit.

    Write an accompanying letter, which details each event of correspondance as it has happened: ie. date of accident, date of claim, date of assessors report, date of payment offer and details - this establishes the time period the bike has been left in neglect as it is a write-off.
    The letter should spell out how the insurance company confused your bike with one of lesser value and how their payment must be adjusted accordingly.
    It should also detail that their supposition on the bikes [poor] condition before the accident is baseless and you have photo's and stat dec's that show the bike was not int eh condition they are suggesting.

    Request they re-evaluate the payout they are offering for your written-off motorcycle.
    Send via registered post both to the insurance company and a copy to The insurance Ombudsman Service.

    Insurance Ombudsman Service
    PO Box 561, Collins St West

    I'd be casually mentioning that a copy of this correspondance has gone to the Ombudsman too, in your letter to the insurance company.

    A rejection from an insurance company is not their final answer - they want you to give up so they save money.
  13. Thank you for the ombudsman address ktulu. Were going to speak with
    some people an then call the insurance company again, if no result we
    will be contacting the ombudsman.

    Just thought id show the bike that im on about.

    These are the before and after pictures: before pic was taken in January
    this year, the after pic was a couple of days ago when i took my hubby
    out to see what was left.

    Before (not the best picture)


    He came out of it with a broken shoulder, broken hand, an both legs
    badly broken. My brother is calling him metel masha now because all the
    bones that broke have plates and pins.

    Hes got another 3 months before hes allowed to try and walk, or at least
    put weight on his legs.