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need help with a suzuki K10 P

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by zoomer, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. ok its a 1966 ish K10P single cylinder 79 cc small avatar sorry

    I have got good spark , and a clean carby +fuel and compression
    the oil tank is ok
    everything else checks ok battery good fuse horn works

    single cylinder so timiing isnt an issue

    I cant find neutral I assume its the same as any bike all the way down the shifts and up one to neutral -- still cant find it
    it just needs a new seat and it will be right to go

    any advice would be a great help
    thanks in advance

  2. this is not good i cant even find a repair manual on the bike
  3. In 1966 it may not be the old 1 down 4 up arrangement that we expect as standard now.

    Btw single cylinders DO need their timing to be correct. (or at least reasonably close). Timing is to do with the time the spark is ignited versus when the piston is at top dead centre. It has nothing to do with the number of cylinders you have.

    Where are you in brissy? I may be able to have a look at it at some time.
  4. slow_suzuki thanks for the offer if I can't work it out I will pm you

    location lets say mitchelton
    good point manual cable clutch
    ok then will search around because I did have neutral there briefly

    slide carby type
    the choke an internal cable seperate on an internal piston slide
    two brass floats in float chamber
    very intresting design of carby

    I can check if the spark is at top of compression

    didn't think the bike had points -- just a coil

    this is the model of bike
    mine looks a lot worse and less chrome :LOL:

  5. Well well, the K10P, the first bike I ever owned from new! You are wrong about timing not being an issue, it is very much an issue. It may only have one port timed cylinder, but if the spark is occurring at the wrong time, then you will have a dead engine. It has a simple points/condenser ignition that once the points gap is set, can be timed with a globe and a length of wire. If the condenser is shot it won't run at all. Do you have a manual.
  6. NO but I can work it out from what you have said

    ok with small engines and mechanical work

    once I find where the points are ....... I had a good spark

    timing I hope there will be some kind of mark that says set me here :grin:

    then it might start...... :roll: hmmm where is neutral
  7. I'm remembering back 40 years, but I'm pretty sure they are under the round cover on the LH side of the engine with the magneto. The oil pump is under the RH cover I think. By the way, it should be 79cc not 89cc. If it is 89cc somebody has retro-fitted an engine from a 1967 A90, essentially the same just a bigger bore.

    http://www.alpha-sports.com/suzuki_parts.htm this is a B100P which is very similar.
  8. On a points bike, I'd just replace the points and condenser as a matter of course. Set teh gap up right, get the timing right and it should run. Start at TDC, that will get it close enough to run till you get proper settings.
    Being a single, I'd throw a coil, plug and plug lead at it to save future headaches, and it will be cheap.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. You can do the timing without a timing light on an old single cylinder bike if you can get details off a manual.

    That sort of bike will usually have an inspection plate somewhere on either the left or right side which will show position timing position.

    Finding top dead centre is easy (just pull out plug) and look. Luckily it's a twostroke so you dont have to be on the right stroke :D

    As a rough guess you want spark about 10 degrees before top dead centre but thats only a guess. anyone got a "similar" manual of a 100cc two stroke from the era?
  10. I feel confident you fellas are on the mark there are few rubber grommets on the engine to be removed
    :p with all this help how can I fail
    may as well check them all out
    shoved a wire up the clogged exhaust that helps too (wasps nests)
    and the tyres stayed inflated
    got a good battery

    ahh setting points and timing ..the good old days
    no repair manual I ll work it out

    slow_suzukithank you I will do that

    incitatus opps just read that yep 79 cc engine me bad !

    typhoon good sugestion coil etc for reliability

    owned hondas and suzukies :grin:
    and 2 shitty postie bikes 90 cc arrgghh
  11. update

    ok found neutral its up at the top (thats different )
    the rest of the gears engage going down on the foot selector

    found timing mark magneto rotating bit has a nice big arrow
    and the caseing has a long forged line in the aluminium casing
    thats top dead centre

    problem is I lost spark - had spark before

    now cant get the points to arc or the plug to sparkle
    points were new but cleaned them anyway
    the condenser and coils in behind the magneto rotating part look newish and clean

    oh and heaps of fuel mix is pushing out the sparkplug hole everytime I kick it over ..
    I think I flooded it or the choke part in the carby is stuck

    any ideas might be the coil
  12. If you had a spark and now you don't it's probably something simple, like a broken connection. Have you re-assembled the magneto completely before testing? This type of system does not use the battery to provide a spark, the mag does that all on its lonesome, so if you didn't put it back together correctly you will have no spark. This bike will run just fine with no battery at all, it's only really for the lights. As to the flooding, unless the carby has been incorrectly assembled, it can only be the choke or a stuck float, as this is a simple port-timed engine.
  13. All you'll ever need...

  14. No didnt take the magneto or rotor apart just checked the points adjust and timing though the tin cover also recut spark wire and rethreaded spark plug contact to good wire

    the carby was clean and ok but choke bit is dodgy /sticky in slide and outer cable loose but can be adjusted
  15. Well, Im major flat out this weekend but can bring a timing light and some feeler guages (and just about every other tool under the sun) to this party if you're bringing beer.

    With the spark it's clearly going to be on something you touched so backtrack each thing you played with.
  16. just love touching my bike :rofl:

    its all under control thanks for the offer of help slow_suzuki
    it was a loose wire connection :!: