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Need help with a new bike choice. R-Date Bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by EACRUISER, May 5, 2006.

  1. I have read through the threads and still need some guidence.

    I am currently on my L's but going for my R-Date in July,
    My current bike has trashed it's motor, due to both carburettors leaning out because of some junk in the fuel line.
    :? That sudden bit of extra power was a bit wierd, I knew it was accelerating harder then before :shock: .

    Anyway, I am currently looking at replacement bikes as its not worth repairing the motor of my old bike. Theres a nice hole in the bore.

    There is an FZR600 for sale near me, that i have always wanted
    Now i know the FZR600 is no where near legal for an L-Plater but if i am going to spend the money I need to get something i can ride for a long time after i get off my R-Date.

    Is it possible in SA to by the FZR and place a restrictor or something on the bike to lower output power to make it R-Date compliant.

    I am 6,5" with size 14feet, 94kg's, and need a bike that will fit my dimensions and not struggle up in the hills like my 250 did.

    What sort of sportsbikes would you suggest tall people will fit on comfortably that are in a $7,000 budget range. I want a bike that doesn't look like and feel like a pocket bike when i ride it.
  2. These are the bikes that are on my list at the moment for decisions.


    What are the issues with buying a Grey Import bike if it has been complied??

    haven't been to see their size yet but does anyone no if any of these bikes will be an issue for a tall person.

    Need help today as going to the bank tonight to get the money out need to buy a bike this weekend.
  3. The ZX-2R is actually a ZXR250, if thats build date, then its the C model.
    Its also a grey import if i remember correctly, well they count mine as one, so i am pretty sure.

    I havent heard of a ZXR250S before, someone else will be able to confirm if thats just someone putting a late compliance date on it or they were manufacturing them then, i think in malaysia or something.

    The CBR250R is a good bike, but at 6' 5" no way in hell is it going to be comfortable, i am 6' 3", and it hurt my back just sitting on it for 5min in the shop.

    The FZR250 is bigger then the CBR250R, but i am not sure by how much, kinda reminds me of a transformer as well :shock:

    The issues with grey import are, harder to get parts (heavily dependednt on the bike, and normally you can get em shipped here), insurance costs more, and you have to trust the guy who imported it didnt turn back the odo.
  4. Another Bike

    2002 KAWASAKI ZZ-R250 (EX250)

    Is this bike slightly larger that the ZXR250 or is it the same size.

    Just found the specs for the FZR250 & the ZXR250

    The ZXR250 is slightly smaller than the FZR in wheelbase by 15mm and the seat height is the same.

    Might consider the ZXR250 / ZX2R if it is comfortable to sit on. (newer bike)

    KAWASAKI ZZ-R250 has a slightly larger seat height though as well, 760mm seat height compared to the ZXR's 735mm not much but probably would make a difference.