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Need Help! Upgrading to 250cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by K-Ratos, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. hey guys, i just signed up cause i really need help, so i have a honda cb125e 2012 model and im thinking of upgrading to a 250, and i saw this ad of a yamaha fzr 250 1990 for 2200 but the guy is willing to sell it for 1700, the thing is it has 42000ks on the clock and my brother thinks its too many and that i shouldnt sell my bike to get that fzr. What do you guys sugest i should do?

  2. honestly mate - your new bike will probably still have warranty and be more reliable than a old bike anyday

    especially after just doing abit of research and yeah it's one of the old grey imports...which i love but i wouldn't really advise unless your willing to deal with what owning one entails - the old high revving grey import 250s were great bikes i own one myself...but parts are harder to come by (you may have to source parts yourself as i did for my mechanics a while back) and alot of them being the great little bikes they are have been absolutely thrashed and good possibility it's been around the clock once already (so possibility of it actually being 142000kms -but it may have also just been tampered with and taken back from some other number...not uncommon)
  3. As agreed above...
    Or... Save a little more and get a CB400. It'll keep you happy until your fulls (assuming you're on Ls/Ps).
  4. As the others have said. Wait a while, save your money, buy something better than your 125 not worse.

    I'll just add that your brother needs to learn math. 42,000km on a 23 year old bike is only 1800km a year, that's not many. Of course I'm assuming the reading is genuine, which it probably isn't.
  5. A CB400 is more than just a "little" more than $1700, it's something like four times that price! It's like saying "forget that Suzuki Swift, save a little more and buy a new BMW M3, now that's a car that's good enough to keep for a whole year".

    You should be able to get a GPX250 or VTR250 for under $3000 but why not just put up with the 125 until you're off your restrictions, have some more money saved, and have a much bigger variety of interesting cheap bikes available to consider? Swapping vehicles is a pain in the arse and almost always costs you money.
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  6. A gpx250/zzr250 or a VTR250 for $3K ish would be a better choice by miles.

    Unless you are a mechanic, and keep the CB125e for when you are waiting for parts.
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  7. What City are you in K-Ratos? I'm selling a GPX250 at the moment.
  8. I'd sell my VTR250 for $3400.

    Great bike to keep you going till you're ready to upgrade.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, i think i'll save up more money to get a better bike, and Samboss260 i live in Adelaide
  10. 2.5k will buy a good GPX250 and 45k is bugger all if its genuine, smart thing. hang on to the 125 for a bit longer and save your money for a decent upgrade later.
    Having said that its not what I do, i'ma professional spender.
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