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Need help understanding warranty work done

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by korbail, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. I've got an Aprilia Shiver that decided to have a rattle in the engine. When the dealer first fixed it, they said it was the intermediate gear that needed replacing and not to ride it (only to and from the workshop) until fixed. They fixed it and then the rattling noise came back after 2 weeks.

    Next, the bike was sent to Aprilia (the importer) and they fixed it. This is what they said.
    * The orifice was not supplying enough oil as it was the wrong diameter, too small and they replace it with a larger one. Due to a manufacturer fault.
    * Replaced 2 cylinder heads out of caution
    * Replaced 2 shafts and 2 gears as it was needed

    1. Could the wrong orifice explain why it overheated when the weather was 23deg? Engine light came on while in traffic and then again on a 36deg day while riding.
    2. Could the wrong orifice cause excessive wear to occur? Only done 5000km. If so, do you think they have replaced enough?
    3. Experience question here. Would it be fine to keep as Aprilia said they have only seen this happen a few times before when the bike have over 60 thousand kms, or should I keep trying to demand a replacement/refund?

    Cheers for the help
  2. If the orifice was too small it would not have been supplying enough oil to keep the related moving parts lubricated properly and wear would have been dramatically accelerated. Fast wearing parts also get a LOT hotter than properly lubricated ones. Oil also does some of the engine cooling, even in a water cooled engine, so if not enough was getting around the engine it's likely to run hotter. If there were other issues in the same area that wear could be accelerated even further. It sounds like they've taken your issue pretty seriously so I'd be inclined to give the bike a chance. Keep your ears open of course, but give it a chance.
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    Yes to all your questions- oil is an important part of the cooling system.

    You won't get a replacement or refund. If the bike is fixed now what's the problem?
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  4. Yep to the above, the manufacturer has taken it seriously, repaired the issue, replaced items that could have been damaged due to lack of oil. They have acted in good faith so you would not have supporting cause for a replacement.

    Stop worrying get out and enjoy the machine.
  5. Sorry should have added that the reason I was pushing for a replacement/refund originally was due to the dealer advising me multiple times that it was a major fault, don't ride it and the whole bike needs to be pulled apart. Not being able to ride the bike for 2 months out of the 6 I've owned it made me fume a bit.

    Had to ring Aprilia myself to find out exactly what was going on. I'm still learning about the bike and had no idea what a cylinder and shaft was until an hour or so ago.
  6. Good to hear its running again korbailkorbail - how's it feel? And what is the warranty period after all this work (back to original warranty period, or 12 months or something)?

    As long as you're covered I guess its fine - although being in the shop for as long as it was and giving you a piss-willy litttle machine to doddle around on would give me the shits too!
  7. chillibuttonchillibutton Still don't have it back yet. Hopefully by the weekend. Riding the Scorpio is funny though
  8. Ah nuts, that sucks dead dogs balls...:yuck:
  9. Although Valentines day is this Saturday so could be a great thing. The missus might have to wait until next year.:love:
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  10. I would think the dealer and importer have done what they had to do in this situation.
    I'd enjoy the bike for the next 50,000km and by then its someone elses problem.

    There's many stories of owners being fobbed off by dealers inporters across all manufacturers so you have done well.