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Need help tomorrow - Friday 04/05

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pockets, May 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Getting my bike registered tomorrow and a mate is riding it to vicroads and back to the city. I have the task of riding it back to Elsternwick. I was wondering if anybody could meet me in the city at around 10am if they have the day off work and accompany me back to Elsternwick. I will pay $20 for the fuel and so on and would really appreciate it. Just got my L's three weeks back and haven't ridden at all since.

    If you could help send a pm and I will give you my number.... I know it's short notice, i thought he would be riding it back to Elsternwick.
  2. You will be OK. Take it easy and dont do anything risky. Nothing like going in the deep end.Stick a big 'L' on your bike and wear a flouro vest and everyone will stay clear of you!
  3. Yeah take it easy - 10am things should be pretty chilled. From the city you just need your mate to take it just past to Flinders St for you, and then it's just one long straight road, if memory serves.
  4. As the other two blokes have said.. the only way to improve is to jump on the thing and ride it! take it easy, ride your own ride and don't stress.

    Stressing about something always makes it worse.. you're better off to be relaxed.. and just do it, hopefully someone up that way can tag along with you if you really need it.

    But i personally think if you just do it and don't worry about it.. you'll be fine.
  5. Here it goes...... FUN TIMES.
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    Above all, enjoy yourself!!!
  7. Stay off the tram lines in the wet
  8. I agree with the above comments, but if you still don't feel comfortable, and if you can wait until 11:00-11:30, I can help.
  9. lol city to elsternwick is fun!
    Ive had my Learners for 1 week and i have to ride my new Hunter from Somerville some 20 mins out of Frankston back to Caulfield!! watch out 100KPH FREEWAY!!!
  10. Carpe Diem.
  11. How'd you go ?
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    Sounds like he is still riding lol I know that's what I would be doing :)
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  13. Usually things seem a lot more daunting, until you get on the bike and just ride it. 5 mins in, and you'll be wondering why you were worried.

    Not saying it'll be easy, just not that bad.
  14. His next post will be from Darwin, Hahahaha
  15. Still not back yet?? must be enjoying himself!!

    i hope he did ride.. it will help his confidence.
  16. No I didn't, appointment went really quickly so he dropped it back. Been riding around elsternwick though I am still chunky with gear changes at some points. May need some pointers so permitting weather I'll be at the learner session next Sat to hopefully get some advice.
  17. Good to hear you are up and going Pockets. :) Gear changes and starting from stopped starting on hills etc are all about clutch/throttle control. Don't feel bad because most newbies have difficulties here. The answer is a quiet street or car park and practice. Stop, first gear, gently release the clutch until you feel the friction point then roll on the throttle while releasing the clutch then brake and stop while pulling in on the clutch. Over and over.

    Once you have mastered that do the same but work your way up through the gears then down through the gears and stop. Over and Over. Good Luck
  18. That's where I find it difficult. Wherever I go there are loads of cars and buses (not so bad on sat and sun), but each time I've gone around this block it's been a near SMIDSY which is bumming my confidence (not confidence in riding but in being able to practice). Got to get to that Elwood car park at some point so I can practice.

    *Edited post to avoid flames, none of the SMIDSY's came close to happening as I was riding carefully and looking as to what was happening. Each one I was able to avoid coming up to it.