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Need help to get started

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by kris87, Oct 18, 2016 at 10:57.

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    Hello I wanna get start riding need advice.
    I got a Kawasaki ZZR-250 (1994)
    It hasn't been registered for a while. I have no NSW riders licence.
    The only problem with the bike is is the horn which i just need to fix the wires, replace the fuse and something to hold it to the bike like a bolt nut and washer. Just a few scratches but overall the bike runs smoothly.

    I just need advice and steps on how to get started from getting my licence and the requirements (including the cost) I need to get my bike legal to ride on the streets.

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  3. Oh yes...welcome aboard :)
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  4. welcome aboard :)

    Id start with getting a licence or learners
  5. Kris, toddle around to your local Services NSW shopfront and tell them you want to get a Motorcycle Learner's permit. They'll point you in the right direction from there.

    As for the bike, since it is completely unregistered, you'll need to get a mechanic to provide a Blue Slip, see this link lower down the page for info Get a NSW registration
  6. ok thanks.
    I've done some practice on the bike on my backyard which help my confidence. The bike i currently have will be my first, it was given to me as a gift. When i first got it i fixed everything by myself thanks to google and my mates. I always doing maintenance every week even though its been scratched up but it still purring and roars.
    I just need it to be road legal since its hasn't had rego for a long time.
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  7. Good on ya kris.
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