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Need help sourcing replacement parts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Azmania, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hi, my name is Aaron and I'm a newb here, (and on my bike), and I have a problem;

    My beloved 2007 Yamaha Scorpio took a bit of a fall, no thanks to the spring loaded kick stand! (It always sits on the centre stand now).

    My instrument panel is busted; air pushes into the panel and blows on the meter needles, it makes an alarming sound, I have no brake signal (I have a flashy brake light though). Mechanic confirmed for me "yes, it is busted".

    I called Yamaha spares: They told me a replacement panel would cost $800. I need the panel fitted and the electrics tested on top of this :(.

    I am also a student (ergo, poor); and refuse on principle as well as finances for paying $800 for a part on a $2000 motorcycle.

    I had a wrecker recommend "findapart.com". Responses from wreckers on the website, and my local area say they they have not had many, if any, of these bikes wrecked (perhaps some good news).

    The info I did find from the forums was that my model bike was made in Indonesia, and is popular there too. So my real question is;
    Is it possible to order cheap parts from Indonesia? Does anyone have experience with this?

    I have looked through the forums a bit here and cannot find any really relevent info to help. So I ask, please help me!!!

    P.S. I have just spent $500 on service and tyres, don't ask me to wreck the bike (I still need transport). It runs great, excepting the panel.
  2. By chance the part I needed turned up on eBay for a total of $172.50, new in box, might I add. I just had a little party in my lounge room (I just spent the beer money; sorry no invites:( )

    Still, if anyone could advise on purchasing parts from overseas I am still listening. There are few other cosmetic bits on my bike I wouldn't mind replacing.
  3. Sourcing parts from overseas should be perfectly safe provided you use a secure means of payment and/or use a company that has been in business for a while (ebay is a good option for security). It also pays to remember that no matter where the seller is they are subject to Australian laws - no matter what any fine print on their website may say (I went through this with a HK based camera parts supplier who refused to refund my money after trying to dramatically increase the cost of shipping).

    Never purchased anything from Indo myself, other than what I've bought when I've been there in person. I have however bought plenty of parts/accessories from the US, the UK and China without any problems - and saved a substantial amount of money in the process.
  4. Thanks for the advice JD. Sounds like it really pays to keep track of those order updates! Didn't think of trying to trawl China/HK, might go have a looksy, Cheers.