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Need Help Riding in Boots

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by aus_dragon, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. I have now riden on the open road a few times and untill last night opted to ride wearing my sneakers and no gloves (still had leather jacket, draggins and helmet of course). I figured whilst learning I would have a better chance "feeling" the controls with no gloves and relatively thin shoes. This was working really well and I was riding with in issues on the road and felt really comfortable. :grin:

    That was untill last night, we went to a friends house for dinner and I opted to ride the bike (of course :p ). As I seemed to having no problems controlling the bike I thought I would try riding with my new RJAYS H2O boots. This is where everything started to go pear shape. :(

    I found that due to the thick leather and sole of the boots I now really struggled to feel the controls and as a result my riding was markedly bad compared to how I had been riding :cry: . This unfortunately seemed to get worse as I went along as I was losing confidence in my own ability.

    Has anyone else experienced this, or can anyone offer any pearls of wisdom that I could use. As far as I know my technique is fine as I had no problems when using sneakers, I never even stalled once not even on hill starts in peak hour, yet with the boots I stalled twice in the space of 15 mins in little to no traffic. :oops: :cry:

    I know people are probably going to suggest buying better boots however I am on a some what limited budget and don't want to go spending to much on my gear untill I am off restrictions and will then slowly upgrade all my gear to top range stuff - including the set of SIDI boots I am eyeing off. :p


  2. what has boots got to do with stalling the bike ?

    nothing at all

    once you have mastered proper clutch control, your probs will disappear
  3. well i only ever wore boots on the bike so i guess i just adapted.

    i only own boots though so it was either bike boots or other boots.

    but the boots will only remove sopme sonstation fromt he controls. for gears, the movement doesn't change...you iether pushed the lever or you didn't and you can certainly still feel that on my bike. As already mentioned above clutch control may be the issue here.. i know it took me a while to get it right for hill starts/ rmember to use the rear brake for these.
  4. ALWAYS wear all your gear! you've purchased it for a reason!!

    Yes it's hard to get use to the boots and gloves, but deal with it, you'll be wearing this gear alot, and on every ride, so better start practicing more.

    When i got my bike, i spent hours going around the back streets with all my gear on, and got use to everything in a semi controlled environment. once i was confident with my ability to u all bike controls, i decided i was ready for the big bad world.

    Bottom line, practicing without all your gear on is 1) stupid and 2) not teaching you anything.

    Good luck and safe riding to all.
  5. The reason I think I stalled was partly due to lack of concentration, :oops: :roll: clutch control is not directly the issue as I have no problem using a clutch.

    I have been driving a manual car for near 10 years ( I know I know it's completly different :p ) but whilst riding wearing my sneakers in heavier traffic (more to think of then just controlling the bike) I didn't stall once never did a bad gear change, all in all rode really smooth.

    I think indirectly the clutlch control suffered as I was stressing out abit about not being able to feel the controls as much. :oops:

    Drew my hill starts were no probs while wearing sneakers yet with the boots they were terrible. I think this could be partly down to the fact that the FZR has a disc brake on the rear (rather than the drum) and is really sensitive, with the boots I lose that 'gentle movement' I had with the sneakers. It ended up being either on or off :roll: :oops: for the rear brake.

    Guess it's going to be a trip to the local showground wearing sneakers than switch when I get there to the boots for practise. :roll: :LOL: :p
    Thanks Guys
  6. The more you ride in them the quicker you will get used to them.

    As has been said, you should still be able to feel your gear changes, and practice your clutch control.

    You are probably going to cop a flaming, but I will be polite about it.

    Read the Mickyb thread. Micky is an experienced rider and had full gear on. Accidents happen and you want to be as protected the best you possibly can. No one plans on coming off, but it does happen occasionally.

    I'm a great believer in ATGATT - All the gear All the time.

    Just keep practicing, you'll get used to it.
  7. Don't know what you particular boot are like but if you are loosing so much sensation that you can't tell what you are doing...something is wrong.

    my boots reduce it a bit but i can still tel well im pushing on levers or just resting them there.

    personally i bought all gear before i had the bike and have worn it every ride since.... the day i don't will be the day i wish i did.

    just go fo more rides and get used ot your gear.

    50-100km with lots of gear changes and braking will soon get you used to it :LOL:
  8. Put your boots on and get some damn gloves!

    There's no point learning incorrectly (without gear) and then trying to overcome that later on.
  9. Dude, just ride in 'em, you'll get used to them quick enough. I remember my first ride with "proper" bike boots - hated em. Stiff and weird and controls felt all wrong etc. Made myself keep wearing em, and after two or three rides they were fine :D
  10. thanks for the input guys, and yes I did buy the gear for a reason and always swore to myslef that I wouldn't go riding with out all of it on :oops: :oops: :cry: .

    I know it is not an excuse and there is no excuse for riding without your gear but I the bike I bought was out of rego and needed to get to the mechanic ASAP. The only way I had of getting it there was by riding. So rather than riding like crap and not getting to the mechanic in less than one piece for some reason I opted to ride with the sneakers and no gloves.

    Just read the Mickyb thread and trust me point taken :cry: :oops: :shock: . I aint going to leave the house without all gear now.

    Thanks again for the input and concern. I guess it will be out to the showground this weekend (about 10min drive) and heaps of practise!!! :p
  11. I know what you mean. Its even harder with Motocross Boots. Try clutchless shifting (Up), do a search on this first to understand how to do it properly.
  12. Might need to adjust shifters to accommodate your feet better. I wore sneakers for a few months until I bought some boots, and it took a while to get used to it, had to adjust the shifter too.
  13. Dude, always wear gloves. Regardless of where, when or how long you are riding. Fully functioning hands are fundamental to an ordinary lifestyle.

    Secondly, just practice. If you flick your left toe up you will still change up a gear. If you push down, you will still go down a gear. Your right foot will still slow the bike down. Knowing where to position your feet will come with practice. I ride in GP boots and there is absolutely no sensation through the thick rubber soles, but I started riding in them and now it just doesn't feel right riding without them on. You will really appreciate good boots when the rain starts.
  14. I bought H20's last week and nearly killed myself on the ride home. I figured I'd just get used to it.
    A week later I'm okay with everything apart from upshifts, there doesn't seem to be enough room to get my foot under the shifter I'm going to move it another spline on the box and see if that helps...
  15. So it's not just my unco-ness :p :LOL:

    The H20s are really comfy boots but I have the same problem as what you are describing, I was going to do some work on the bike this weekend and was planning on adjusting the shifter aswell.
    Let me know how you go. :grin:
  16. Maybe I'm missing something, but I wouldn't have thought that your footwear would have anything to do with stalling the bike. I assume your stalling on standing takeoffs. Missed changes, false neutrals, rear brake lockups, missing the pedals yeah....but not sure about stalling?

    Without stating the obvious, clutch is a left hand thing and what boot your wearing shouldn't affect that.
  17. ooops double post..
  18. If your boots are significantly thicker than your sneakers at the point where you are changing gears you might need to adjust your lever. Mine are chunky to the point where I actually use the edge of the sole of my boot to snick it up a gear, as I would have to adjust the lever too high to get under it properly. And that took me ages to get used to without missing gears occasionally.
  19. As I mentioned before I think I am just getting ditracted by the boots :roll: and concentrating on what they are doing and where they are instead of just doing the action for gear cahnge/rear brake :oops: :roll: . As a result my clutch technique is forgoten about and hence i stall or drop the clutch etc. :oops: :cry:.
    I think some practise will get me the confidence I need to be able to ride without having to think about what my feet are doing whether I can feel the controls or not, Hence my whole riding technique should improve. :p :grin:

    Devotard I am going to try adjusting the lever this weekend amongst other things I am doing to the bike. Will let you know if this helps.
  20. Practice practice practice!!

    When i first started riding with proper riding boots i kept missing 2nd (i used to ride in work boots)... then the first time i stopped i nearly didn't put my foot down properly, and nearly dropped my baby!