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Need help re Vmoto Monaco

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Hopium, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Hi!
    I just recently bought a 2005 Vmoto monaco... my first bike. As much as I love it, the damned thing didn't come with a manual.
    And in the dealer's "service" they didn't put any brake fluid in. So I need to do it.
    But I have no idea where I actually put the fluid.
    Can anyone help?
    Or does anyone have access to a manual online??
    I'm desperate!

  2. Ring them if they are a reputable dealer / service center they will have a 24hr number and outline their failure. State that they endangerd you life and you want this problem rectified NOW. If they state that they cant deal with it today Tell them that you want a written signed letter from them stating that you WILL NOT VOID YOUR MANUFACTURES WARANTY for putting the brake fluid in yourself.

    Then get instructions on the type of brake fluid required, where on the motorcycle and how to fill the fluid. If the brake is non funtional then dont deal with it. You should not have to bleed the brakes yourself with a dealership fault.

    who sold you the bike?
  3. I think the manufacturer's warranty would be out by now... since the bike is almost 2 years old...

    I might send them a fax from my legal office... :p

    Brake is functional and all good. It just needs more fluid. I know what type. It's written on the bike itself (there's a little box near the dash that has the level on it), dot 3 or dot 4. But since that is just the indicator bit, I seriously doubt the fluid goes in there. So I gotta know where it does go. It has gone down a fair way though. I have no idea how this stuff works yet... my first piece of transport.

    The people that sold it to me... not exactly defamation but anyways:

    Proracer Motorcycles - in Croydon. I tried to call. No answer.

    They did the service themselves before it was delivered to me. Apparently. I know it functions ok cause it got a blue slip early June. And I ride most days.

    So I really don't want to ride till I get the brake fluid in! Major inconvenience. (I have found out how sucky public transport can be, compared to your own transport)

    Cheers for your help. Much appreciated.
  4. 0920_1.JPG [/img]

    If this is the same as yours, unscrew the 2 screws on the the rectangle cap (right) and top up the fluid with Dot 4.

    Pic is a link to an ad on ebay so may not last forever.

    EDIT: There should be a level mark on the reservoir somewhere about half way up the sight glass. It's probably exactly where the level is now!
  5. That's what I top up in? Wierd...
    At least it's user friendly... and deceptively hidden in plain sight.
    Hehehe that pics the same colour as my bike too!
    Kermit green LOL


    And now... it's full...
  6. Glad to be of service. :LOL: