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Need help picking a jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mickeym85, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've looked around the site and there seams to be alot of mixed reviews on what gear to buy. My situation is I want a jacket that is cool for summer and water proof, even resistant would be fine with me. One place tried to sell me onto Shift gear, another place said shift weren't the best and tried to sell me onto Dririder speed.

    I have looked onto a few of the cheaper sites people have recomended and come up with the dri rider climate control 2 as a semi valid option. Then I started looking on American sites and brands like Dainese and Teknic came up.

    I get my bike (2010 ninja 250R SE) next week so I'm trying to figure out what to buy and where to buy as if its from online I need to sort it sooner rather than later to account for postage.

  2. I am hoping to get a jacket from here soon. Tourmaster Magnum, nice jacket.
    25 bucks flat rate international shipping charge from the USA.
    Depends on what jacket you want, textile or leather. Choose one with plenty of zippable vents and removable lining if you worry about being too hot. Inbuilt armour etc.
    Exchange rate on our ozzie dollar now is awesome. Make the most of it !
  3. Hi recently bought a Dainese textile jacket (Barcelona is the style I think) The Drystar material used in Dainese and Alpine Stars jackets is pretty good for water proofing but still cool on hot days.

    see if you can get a model cheap
  4. Thanks I'll have a look into those.

    Anyone used or heard about the Joe Rocket Sonic 2? Its leather so should be protected but it has large mesh flaps under on the side for air flow. BGW does them for $299, $400 off RRP, seamed like a good deal.
  5. lol nice pun (y)
  6. Just get the Aldi MC jacket, great for both summer and winter....cheap too. I got mine for $59. The last thing I wanted was to look like a try hard wearing overly expensive designer gear without the safety benifits especially when just staring out. Save yourself some $$$$ and use that to buy forcefield inserts and back protectors :).
  7. I got a RST textile Ventilator 2 for $220 and it's got 3 liners (quilted/water proof/vented outer shell) and have ridden in hot and cold and always find a temp between switching around the liners. It's also relatively well armoured in the normal places.

    I have mate that has one too and he loves his as well.
  8. I've got a Dainese something. It's a non-perforated leather jacket but they come in perforated too. It's fine in the sun, gets a bit hot when you're sitting in traffic right under 1pm sunlight though however I'd say you'd have the same problem in a textile, so why not go leather? Good thing about them is you can re-use after a spill :)
  9. I gave up on trying to figure it out and got a shift mesh jacket (backdraft or something) from the place i'm getting my licence, figured if I didn't I wouldn't never make my mind up. This way I can use this for summer then save up for a good set of leathers for winter/track/fun days.

    Next is a full face helmet as I fear landing face first on a open face *shudders*, but that will have to wait a week or two.

    Thanks for your help though... whats this Aldi jacket? is it something they normally stock or if it one of those Thursday deals?

  10. Aldi do stock motorcycle gear every year at very good prices, from jackets, gloves, helmets, socks, motorcycle cover, GPS etc. Most of their MC stock including jacket seems to have been snapped up already but check it out you might be in luck. Also, most of their motorcycle gear including jackets would be at reduced price.

    Long or Short Motorcycle Jacket
    • Sealed seams
    • Wind resistant
    • CE approved shoulder, elbow & back protection
    • Sizes: S-XL

    Motorcycle Helmet
    • Tested according to AS/NZS 1698
    • ABS construction
    • Adjustable vent system
    • Removable cheek padding and spare visor included
    • Soft storage bag
    • Styles and sizes may vary from store to store
  11. +1 for the RST, the only issue I have is not enough pockets! lol
  12. I have had quite a number of jackets over the years, and the best one that I could recommend were from Xtreme. I think its a local Australian comapny and they are definetly cheaper than your dririders and a/stars. I got mine from Mars Leathers. They usually suggest really good ones and you're allowed to choose from a quite a few in different price ranges. But beware that protection is a must- Xtreme does have pcokets for protectors and if you ask nicely the guys at Mars gave me extra pads to put in mine. Hope I could help.
  13. Where did you purchase it from?
  14. Another vote for the RST mesh jackets here, mine has removable quilted and water-proof liners. A great all-weather option.

    Mine set me back around $250 or $300 I think.
  15. hi, where did you get yours from? I am seriously thinking about getting one, but I was quoted with $270.

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  17. I'd say go to MARS on Elizabeth street just opposite Melb Central. Probably the best prices that I've seen in a loooong time!! I bought 2 leather jackets and a cordura jacket for $189. The leather jackets set me back $290. And might I add the leather ones are fab-u-lous. Anyways- the other option is to look for an outlet. Xtreme have an outlet but I don't know where. If anyone has found out let me know- coz I need a helmet fast!