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need help on picking a bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tinfed, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. hey sorry i know theres stacks of threads like this, i've found it really hard getting solid and consistant infomation on bikes off the net!
    i need a learner legal bike and im 5'9 ~60kg's
    i dont mind a high maintainance one in terms of oil n things like that but i'd like a 'fairly' reliable faired road/sports bike.
    im not going to be travelling over 100km/h (most of the time only up to 80km/h on the highway)
    and its just going to be a toy for some fun and maybe to ride to uni one or two days a week. i want something with alot of accerleration.
    budget is $4000 for the bike itself and i've got extra for all the lessons n saftey gear and stuff. thanks for any help!

  2. Might help to add a location in your profile otherwise the first 10 posts will be "where are you from"
  3. Here's the first one....where are you from? :wink:
    Nine to go :p
  4. Yeah, where u from? :wink:
  5. Where u from makes a difference due to LAMS in other states apart from Vic.

    (Assuming your in Vic..) Acceleration times for the sports 250's are similar and if there is a difference it is marginal. Don't ever think you won't need to go over 100. I'd rather be sitting with the traffic at 110 than getting passed continually or having people riding my back. As a learner stick to a 4 stroke, do your time then the worlds you oyster after restrictions end..
  6. i am from victoria, sorry!
  7. Tinfed
    you need to give us some details to work with .

    where abouts in Victoria ?
    Do you want someone to look at bikes with you?
    if so , what type do you like?
    how long do you plan on keeping it ?
    what type have you looked at ?
    have you ridden before?
    have you got a licsence?
    What stores have you been too?
    what do you know about bikes?
    contact imfo
    mobile number or email address

    by giving us this imfo makes it easier to help you .
  8. Would you like his Mothers maiden name as well Grobs? :LOL:
    I think he actually answered half your questions in his original post.
    Welcome Tinfed, the best thing for you to do is go somewhere like Sumoto - world of 250's in Nth Melb and sit on as many bikes as you can to get a feel for them. You DONT have to buy the bike from them tho ;)
  9. glen i am not game to ask you a question beacuse you will want to know my life story.lol
  10. ummm yer, go to sumoto, look at the bikes, sit on the bikes, lead them on a little if you feel like it but DONT FRIGGEN BUY FROM THEM!!!!! i dont understand how they're still in business, they must be real sweettalkers to get away with the crap they pull. i'll say no more on that tho :?

    there is a little difference between some of the 4 stroke 250s in terms of acceleration, most will still hit 100 around the same time, but some will be stronger lower down or higher up. if you want a more powerful launch, then a twin is the go. GPX or ZZR are ok, but not the nicest, not alot of other options tho with bikes with farings. Spada or VTR are nicer bikes, but naked, i like that, but many dont.

    if you want the power to be up the high end, then an inline 4 is the go. heaps more options here too, and will generally have a higher top speed aswell. CBR, ZXR, FZR, GSXR and even across are all decent bikes with faring, i'd probably go the ZXR for bang for buck value. theres a few nakeds aswell, Bandit, Balius, Hornet and Zeal. i had a bandit and loved it to death, probably a couple of bike lengths slower to 100 than a CBR so not a huge difference there.

    * always get a bike with roadworthy, even a little problem can cost you a fortune
    * buy your gear first, your noggin and skin are more important than a pretty bike
    * buy something thats comfortable. no point looking good on the bike if you dont feel like riding it cos it gives you cramps
  11. Check out ZZR250's, I tried all of the other bikes and picked the ZZR, nice bike, good resale, reliable, simple, pleasure to ride. Looks good as well IMO.
  12. interesting concept,......... i think a vespa can accelerate to 80 kph, that should do the trick
  13. u just gotta try as many bikes as u can. if uve got ur licence take them 4 a ride. i went to melb to get my bike. sumota is a waste of time he bikes are just old new paint battry ant tryres. i have a zx2r but irts a 2000 model. preety similar to a zzr but i just dont like the zzrs looks. but just ride as many as u can only u will know what u like
  14. come on , cough it up what is it :LOL:

    I only asked because , you can sit here typing all bloody night.
    at least if you know where in victoria , no use telling him to go to ringwood if he lives in sheperton.

    it makes it easier .

    anyway deb what is you mothers maiden name ?
  15. Might get a warning if I tell you my life story.
  16. Which one would you like? She has 2 now that she has just been recently married :p
  17. hi guys/gals didnt want to start another thread of the exact same type an take too much space ( says he with big post) hope is ok an sorry tinfed slap me if ya want
    i've been lookin at everything honda from 600 to 1000, tested a sweeet 929 for little ova 1/2hr 2day but still indecisive, i have exp and open license but never been able to own my very own bike till now what would you all recommend as my first
    oh and be jentle :LOL:
  18. depends on the riding you want to do, the price you want to pay and whether you have brand loyalties.

    i reckon value for money, you cant go past the old CBR900s. you can pick those things up for less than $5k if you look around and they (apparently) go like the powers of piss :twisted:

    if you want more of a sports tourer, i'm in love with my thundercat. its got just as much go as the other older sports 600s, its just a shiteload comfier.

    but go have a ride on a few bikes and think about the sort of riding you want to do. if you dont want your ass to be numb after a 2 hour ride, look towards the sports tourers (CBR600F, YZF600R etc) but if you dont mind a seat thats uncomfortable compared to a park bench, then i reckon you cant go past the CBRs. i reckon honda makes a pretty tidy supersports bike for a lawnmower manufacturer :LOL: