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Need help - Is battery dead?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by flicanada, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. This morning I drove to University (about 20 min drive) and at parking it was very slippery and i dropped the bike, and the engine stopped. I picked up the bike and try to start and first it didnt start, i gave the noise as if the battery is low and in the second try it started very well. I then try to start after 20 min, it wont start, it gave very little noise and then no sign of anything.

    I usually drive for 15 min a week , so every time I try to start, it wont, i have roll start. but since last 2 weeks I have driving atleast once in 2 days.

    Is the battery dead? Should I need to replace the battery. I read the elsewhere in this forum that the battery charger from Dick Smith will do the trick ? Is that sufficient to start my bike and bring home? Please advise.

    Or is there something wrong because I dropped ? Please help me. I bike is parked in the Uni and dont know what todo.

    I drive suzuki across 250 cc, if i need just to charge the battery, can you tell me where to look (any tips). I have no idea abt bike, this is my first bike I bought 6 months before.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Dude just push start it to get it home, buy a charger and keep the battery maintained.
  3. You may have drained some of the water out when you dropped it.
  4. Where and how can I fill the water?

  5. The battery leads may also have been loosened in the fall, chack that they're tight on the battery terminals.

    I think ibast is referring to the water in the battery, if it's the wet type. If so it will have a recommended fill level, fill it with deionised/distilled water (Evian will probably do though, lol!).

    If it's only being ridden once a week then a trickle charger will do the trick. The dick smith model will suit perfectly.
  6. Thank you guys for the advice. I started like a charm on push start.

    I couldnt see the batteries, its all covered with fairings...am afraid to remove them. can someone give me the confidence to remove to ? is there any technical manual for Suzuki Across I can refer ?

    Thanks Again !!
  7. some have the across ,give it a try , not hard to undo things putting it back is the trick
  8. Just infront of the seat and down a bit on the side fairing there are some allen key bolts, you need to undo the bigger one on both sides of the bike.

    Infront of the storage conpartment there are 2 phillips head screws you need to take out.

    Inside the storage conpartment, pull back the carpet and there are 2 10mm bolts that need to come out. They are towards the front lower side.

    Once you get to this stage just lift from the front and the whole thing will lift up. The battery is located right up the front, first i would check to make sure a wire hasnt come off from somewhere.

    Where abouts are you located?
  9. mate i have an across...... go to google and type in suzuki across manual, and ul find it easy...

    as far as taking of fairings... easy.. only bolts mate...