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need help inspecting bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nibor, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. hey peoples!

    im now officially on the hunt for my new VTR250.

    got a couple in mind, been keeping an eye on the for ale threads, and also bikesales.com and all those like it.

    my problem is i dont really know al lthat much about motorbikes, im not confident inspecting a bike by myself.

    and i dont know anyone who does know much about them, short of my dodgy mate from Hampton, he's on his Ls :grin:

    is anyone able to help me out, i just need someone to come along and have a peek with me, test ride if they want. prefering a full licence for that part.

    one bike i want to check out soon is this - link - it's in Balwyn North.

    once i figure out where that is :p if anyone from around that area would be willing to come along, that would be awesome :)

    ive mentioned this in another thread, but not got much of a reply :( maybe i failed to mention im happy to stop off via the bottlo, if you help me with the bike i end up buying. and since i wanna buy now, that will probably be the first decent bike i see :p

    here's hoping some of you guys are able to spare a boring arvo with me!! :grin: :grin:
  2. didn't read your post, but if your not mechanically gifted, just reach into the wallet and spend the $50-$100 and get the bike professionally inspected by a mechanic.

    this can save you hundreds or even thousands on finding things you or your neighbor couldn't.
  3. Looks good and straight to me, luckily, the worst thing that can go wrong with any bike is generally under $1000 to fix. I'd still recommend a mechanic to look at it.

    I remember a while back looking at 04 models...same thing and about $1500-2k less..might be an idea?
  4. mmm, just most seem to be from dealers atm, n i cbf paying the extra $1-2k for their 'services'.

    definately will be wanting a RWC before i buy, so yeah... hmm, the more that i think of it, as long as the bike looks good to me aesthetically n stuff, and the mechanic does his part, i dont really need a second person to come check it out do i?

    other than taking it for a testride, i cant tihnk of anythin else..
  5. Some mechanics (well car ones anyways) will charge you $50 or so for a pre-purchase inspection, but if they advise you not to buy the car and didn't spend too much time looking over it, will generally not charge you to look at another one or two... i.e they don't charge you $50 each time unless they do a full inspection before getting to the stage of saying nup.

    Not sure if it would be the same for bikes, but you would suspect so?
  6. If you're taller, you could also consider a lager bike :rofl:
  7. oh your good, your reeeal good :p
  8. OT - but I was searching for something else today and came across your thread from ages back about your pushie prang Nibor... how did you end up going with it?
  9. received a letter about a month ago, letter of demand from their solicitor, sayin they want them oney in a week or theyll take legal action.

    i called bluff, did squat, and havent heard anything since, so im hoping all is good. i dont think they would have had a very strong case, but this is just my opinion.

    but ya, either way im letting it roll, glad to leave all those hassles behind :grin:

    now im just trying to upgrade, and skimp on the pedalling :p
  10. nibor, what did you end up doing?

    i have the same kind of problem, although i have a few halfway smart people to help me out. i would prefer going to a bike mechanic and getting a professional check, but since getting my l's i haven't ridden once and so am totally not comfortable with taking someone's bike to a mechanic (and even then, i dont know any bike mechanics).

    altho if the person provides me with a rwc and the people i'm with give me the nod, i'll probably buy the bike anyway lol
  11. heya hippo. mmm the bike disappeared from sale the next day, never heard back from the bloke so im guessing he sold it :?

    there's another one im goin to check out this sunday if he hasnt sold it either lol. hopefully heading there with another Netrider, VTR owner lol so he will know a bit of what is good and what is not.

    im the same with you, not too keen to ride someone elses bike with my vast *cough* riding experience :grin:

    im thinking ill get a mech to check it out unless its a real hassle.

    shall let u know how goes :grin:
  12. I was wondering whether anyone knows a company that does inspections? and how much it costs. I'm looking at getting a bike soon and was hoping someone could refer me to something.
  13. im assuming u should be able to jsut take it to your local bike mechanic, he can have a look over it. ive heard $50 or sumthin, cant remember where tho. best just to ask!