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Need help harassing a workmate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by QuarterWit, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. So a good mate of mine at work has bought a postie, and the last few months have been difficult for him. It's not that it's a crap bike - it gets him around really cheaply and reliably, it's just that we haven't left it alone.

    Every other shift we move it, so he thinks it's been pinched. We've also put it in the middle of a roundabout, in a garden and inside a nearby worksite.

    And now the stickers have begun. A mate of mine stuck this on...


    Not to be outdone I got him this...


    Which has the double effect of being incredibly difficult to remove and nickelback fans telling him how awesome the band is. (He's inside facepalming a lot)

    So I need some more sticker ideas for when he removes this. If it helps, he's a left leaning hipster.
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  2. Part of me hates that you're messing with someone's bike, part of me just spat coffee across the table when I saw the nickleback sticker.
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  4. This....

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  5. You have a liberal work, I would get fired for that kind of bullying.
  6. Frangipani flowers perhaps?
  7. Not a sticker but why not try to get some spokey dokes for the spokes and streamers for the bar ends?
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  8. Would you like it if those things were done to your bike??
    If anyone moves my bike or puts stickers on it, I can assure you he'll be in some pain! Then I will be the one who laughes last :p

    On a different note: You know those little fluorescent coloured flags that you see on some postie bikes used for mail (or some kids' bicycles)?
  9. TurboSpoke, make twice the noise, be twice the man

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  10. I would have thought one of those fluoro flags on stick would have been most appropriate.....
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  11. Southern cross sticker is all you need. Maybe stick a chevy badge on it too
  12. He should get them back by putting a padlock on the front disc and videoing the result.
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  13. Hipster or not..........

    Mess with a Man's bike?
  14. Else.....

    Considering the hipster nature of your shenanigans.

    The only real - hipster approved - way to excel is to crochet.

  15. And surely you need on of those white handlebar baskets.
  16. Hope your mate isn't collecting all those stickers to put them on your bike one day LOL :D