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Need help from talented artistic types

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jonnymac, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Hey all,

    So I'm needing a bit of inspiration and possibly someone who is good with photoshop/colors.

    I'm wanting to have a new paint scheme for my track bike.

    But it needs to have pink in it for breast cancer awareness. Problem is I have green and orange leathers so it may need to have green in it too so I don't look like a complete tool on it. But I'm not really sure on how to make it work and look good.

    I've found a couple of pics on the net but not really convinced by them.

    It's for a 2009 ZX6R.

    So throw lots of ideas out there and let's see if we can make something look good. maxresdefault. maxresdefault. 20141024_090908. Screenshot_2016-03-21-10-42-42. maxresdefault. 20141024_090908. Screenshot_2016-03-21-10-42-42.

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  2. Mate if you can get round PI in under 2 minutes with her on the bike like that i'll consider chipping for the paint job.

    Can't wait to see the final decision. Although i think a 'highlight' on the recesses of fairing/tank/front guard/tail would look cool. Or a centre stripe following the lines with lesser highlight elsewhere?
  3. no talent whatsoever, but a 300 race bike with mainly pink (and white changed to green)

  4. LionzLionz I'll give you my bank account details then mate. Under 2 mind with a pillon is no problems. I thought you'd set me a challenge of under 1.50 now that would be an ask.

    I was hoping it would be enough pink that would leave no doubt to what it was trying to raise awareness for.
  5. Thanks
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  6. This is my friend's CBR. Don't mind chipping in for the good cause Jonny. What/when are you doing?
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  7. Fr33dmFr33dm thanks for the offer but that wasn't the intention of the thread. I just need help with somehow making the colors work. Remember it's a race bike which can be stickered up as well.

    I do appreciate the offer though Fr33dm. It's just touched someone very close to me who is very young.

    It's all pretty raw atm.

    So ladies check yourself or get your other half's too and make it fun. Make it part of date night.
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  8. Pink and green are inevitably going to clash unless you keep them apart. It's the way the nerves in your eye work.
    Me, I'd try transitioning through orange and yellow. But you really need a woman to advise you because they've got twice as many colour receptors as men.
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  9. Calling all women........ and titustitus as your already ahead of me knowing that.
  10. Aaaaaah, but I was being a little sneaky with the challenge, my comment was: .........with her on the bike like that

    My Mother was diagnosed with BC and it all became very real, very quickly. She's past the 5 year mark now thankfully. I'll happily throw a few bob in if you want to 'sponsor' a Netrider sticker or something like that on the bike?
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  11. LionzLionz ok so we are on the same page does it need to be on one wheel too or just lying over the bike?

    I'm very happy for you and your mum too.
  12. Have to agree with Fr33dmFr33dm, that Honda is about the hottest colour scheme I've seen on a bike - the photo doesn't do it justice, have also been touched by breast cancer with mum diagnosed towards the end, so if there is a fundraiser I'm happy to chip in.
    My mate who lost his wife a few years ago runs a shooting fundraiser for the McGrath Foundation at Little River which I attend each year so no stranger to raising awareness of it
  13. Well, considering you're riding your kwacka down a vertical wall in your profile pic like some kind of leathered up spidey superhero............... neither should be in the too hard basket (y)
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  14. You could get new black/pink leather too!

    But considering your orange/green ones, maybe start from scratch and spray entire bike black and then highlight with pink bits like...

    pink black.
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  15. or there's this...

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  16. chillibuttonchillibutton can't afford new leathers otherwise I just may have.....

    Custom leathers to fit my too long arms and legs are expensive.
  17. Gotta luv pink bits:love::love:(y)(y)
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  18. Have you got a decent photo of the bike side-on and not blurred?