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need help finding info on honda shadow 250 cruiser cant find

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jedda, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. hi all im needing somehelp on finding info for a 2004 honda shadow im after all info for this sort of bike from tec specs to a online workshop manual i have been looking for some time no i get heap of listings for a shadow 700 750 rct but nothing for a 250 single cylinder .

    im also looking for info if anyone has had issues in reguards to elec ign problems like cutting out whilst riding could it be a conector issue or the main unit and i need the workshop info to try and fault find all of this as well ect ok thanks for reading peeps


    lay rubber on the rd not your skin
  2. Sorry to question you on what you're looking for but are you sure it's a 250 Shadow?

    There's a few "Magna 250's" running around but I'm not sure on a 250 Shadow. Didn't think there were any.
  3. re honda shadow info

    thanks for your reply jorqe
    i have since found out its a 200 shadow but still having trouble finding info on it i checker out the engine no and its a 200 not a 250 thanks for getting back to me its my girlies bike and i need to do some stuff to it but would like someinfo on it before i start


    lay rubber on the rd not your skin
  4. Just did a google search and it was also known as a Phantom in Sth East Asia. There's a couple of threads on this <link> that may help you jedda.

    EDIT: Sorry I hope it's the right bike, I'm assuming it's the TA200.
  5. re honda shadow

    thanks jorge i will give it a go


    lay rubber on the rd not your skin