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need help finding a good 250cc sports bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Filo01, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone first post :D

    I've recently just gotten my motorbike license, can't sleep at night dreaming of riding my bike :D,

    But before i decide to buy a bike i though i should do some research on which bike would be best for me. I'm currently looking for a sports model bike(no naked front bikes, though i think you could change the kits yourself?) & a bike that i can use on the freeway.

    I've been looking at a few bikes, Hyosung gt250r is probably the most appealing for me atm, I'm wandering if this bike would be good for riding on the freeway, long joyrides?(riding around with a few mates on the weekends?) & is it comfortable to ride on? But i've also been hearing that it not that powerful?(but isn't all 250cc mediocer in power?), The breaks have a few problems & that you need to service it every 4,000km's?(would that be expensive?)

    I've also looked at the mito 125, very nice looking bike, Though it's a pretty expensive even second hand :( (7k)

    all help & suggestions would be awsome & on a side note i'm loving these forums, some pretty good reading on here
  2. well first of all get ready of the bombardment of anti 2 stroke (mito replies)

    they are great little bikes but i wouldnt go outa sydney on one for fear it would seize up.

    Doesnt realy matter what u get any of the zx2,gpx,fzr,zzr,cbr,gt are pretty simialrar get something 2nd hand for 3-4 grand in decent nick and ull be fine.

    In older bikes FZR.CBR especaily check all the rubber hoses seals ect if they havnt been replaced sine they have been built they are going to leak by now, having said that if u can pull of a bit of DIY repair u wont have a problem.
  3. I would say the ZX2, FZR and CBR are similar with their inline 4 cylinder engine and the GPX, ZZR and Hyosung 250GT are similar as they are twins, the GPX and ZZR being parallel twins and the 250GT being a V-twin. The 4 cylinders offer more performance but not as much low down power as the 2 cylinders.
  4. If you're looking at 250s, I'm guessing a non LAMs state like Victoria?

    Most of the sporty 250s are good, it depends on your personal taste in style and shape, and then also what you want the bike for.

    There's a big difference between the Mito and GT250 :p

    Most of the fully faired 4 stroke bikes are good, it really comes down to the individual bike you inspect. Relatively linear power delivery compared to the strokers, much more sensible for the rider that wants to ride and do basic servicing themself, or getting someone else to service it for them.

    2 strokes are good, they are getting old, but the newer strokers since they are imported, you'll pay a premium for. If you have the patience to really learn about the power band on strokers than you'll have a lot of fun and hopefully become a good rider. If you go for the likes of an NSR,RGV,RS250 then be prepared to get dirty and learn how to rebuild the engine yourself to save some cash.
  5. Hey, congrats on hearing you got your licence!!! I was the same, not sleeping at night just thinking of riding!!

    Let me tell you something about this lack of sleep, once you get a bike, the day before you pick it up, YOU WILL NOT SLEEP!! haha...

    anyway buddy, i'm coming off my P's in about 2 months and upgrading my ride, i currently have a kawasaki ninja zx2r. Its done 40,000km's (i have to book it in for a service) but overall the bike is amazing. its handling is great, its quick for a 250, the only downside about it, its been dropped by previous owners on both sides. the fairings are pretty scratched but i just went over it with a spray can. The bottom line is, its a learners bike, chances are most people will drop it. I have been very fortunate to not have this happen to me, however, if it did i wouldn't be too upset over the scratches.

    If you want something new or that looks like new, then go for it, but if you want a sportsbike that runs very well (i've never had any problems with it) but you're not too worried about a couple of scratches then send me a private msg.

    Good hunting!
  6. oh, did i mention it was cheap?!?! 3000ish....
    not to mention its a 94 model (model C) the tough looking ninjas! :twisted:
  7. ty for the replys, I've been looking at alot of bikes over the last couple of days still the most appealing for me would be the hyosong gt250r, it a nice big size bike, felt really nice under me, i wasn't allowed to test ride the bike but i'm still very impressed with it's look, I'm ok with paying 7.5k for the bike seeing how it comes with a 2yr warranty & a discount on gear if i pay cash(Stratford in Heidelberg)

    But i would like some help on a issue my old man came home last night & told me about a bike he saw, it's a second hand jap import 2006/7 kawasaki zxr250a, 30,000km's ridden on it, new tyres & brakepads, 6 months warranty & a learners kit(i think it's free gear) 6k$ for the zxr250a bike, 7k for the zxr250c, you think it would be worth even considering this deal? what kind of bike is the zxr250a? how does it match up to the hyosung? i was told the hyosungs transmition was shotty, but if that was the case wouldn't the warranty pay for that? i would also like some feed back i could give to my dad on the bike, from wat i've heared the man selling him the deal is a old friend, but it sounds like the dudes trying to rip him off(30,000km's & it's a secound hand import from japan for 7k$?)

    yah i've kind of given up on the mito, it's far to small & i'll be doing abit of freeway driving not really the best bike for that i was told. I've been looking around for a low km secound hand bike, but as it is i think i'll get the hyosung.

    yah i live in melbourne vic, i'm gona be off my l's when the lams hit vic :(,

    ty dims, i'm kind of itching to buy anything atm lol, but no i think i'll pass on the bike, it's alittle high on the km's & i think i'm gona go for the hyo unless this kawasaki deal my dad told me about is any good
  8. Buy the Hyo. Let us know how you go. ;)
  9. Without knowing more details, it almost sounds like your father's mate works in a bike dealership and is trying to sell you the packages that they sell to a regular Joe. Do a bit of research into the cost of gear and then compare it to what you can get if you bought your gear yourself.

    Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I would have thought a ZXR250 would be going around the 3-4k mark, so riding gear shouldn't cost you 2k unless you're buying top of the range gear.

    The main thing is that you have to buy what you like, at the end of the day you have to live with it. The Hyo will have a more constant power and torque delivery, making it an easier bike to learn on, and this also lends itself more towards being a good commuter. If you like the looks of a fully faired bike, and can see yourself really getting into track days then the CBRs, ZXRs, and so on might be better for you.

    Have you considered getting a used hyo?

    Sorry mate, no straight answers from us, only guidance and more questions to answer for yourself :p
  10. No.

    The ZXR250 is a good bike, but it's also a very old bike and paying that sort of money for one is just plain crazy. Even worse it sounds as that particular bike is from our friends at Sumoto (do a search for the name on the forums ;)). A more realistic price would be something around 4 grand, even allowing for the over-inflated prices of 250s. Any possible question marks over the quality and/or reliability of a Hyosung pale in comparison to the posible problems you could have with a 15 year old import, especially a Sumoto import.
  11. I would assume that it’s a ZXR250S noticed them on bikesales awhile ago. They are listed as being post 2000 models.
  12. Search the HYo out here and you'll see that pretty much everyone with a GT250 loves it (me included) and rarely have problems. The early 650s had some probs but they are all sorted now as well. Also check out korider.com as we're a Hyosung dedicated forum... although some people would like to think the forum would be full of people complaining about faults on their bikes they are fairly few and far between.

    In the end comes down to what you want out of it. The bike "deal" you mentioned sounds dodgey as mentioned... the bike won'tbe an 06/07 model, it will be like a 1996 model COMPLIANCED in 2006/7, thats just the date it was imported pretty much so you still have a bike thats 10+ years old.
  13. if you do plenty of Ks in commute, i wouldn't buy the mito unless you absolutely LOVED it. and don't have a girlfriend. if you've got a lady you can't afford one. but if you really love the Mito, you can place an ad on GirlSales.com.au to sell your gf and spend the cash on Motul oil. have you kept all the receipts from your girlfriend? servicing records? this sort of thing is very widespread these days, and totally legal. i sh!t you not.

    also note, 250 sports bikes are a bit of a contradiction. but as long as you don't ride the big bikes till you buy one, you won't know what you're missing. (works for me)
  14. gpx 250 ~$6500 ride away brand new.
  15. http://img154.imageshack.us/my.php?image=025f3ae0.jpg

    I bought my fzr 250 2 months ago for $3000 and it's a great little bike, their really is not much difference at all between fzr,cbr,zxr... The biggest difference is the name on the side. I've beat a couple of cbr's but all that says is the rider couldnt change good enough, the specs are that close, both 45hp with fzr having little more torque. ZXR's are rare havnt seen one of them yet.
    The bike had dirty carbs and worn airbox rubbers but after those were fixed she's a real dream... Will be even more of a dream when my new clutch gets here.

    I wouldn't spend more then $4000 on a 250 cause your likely to upgrade quickly (I get on my full 3 months after getting L's hehe) Spend your money wisely though, shop around and see which goes best :D
  16. [​IMG]
    i am calling.....
  17. ty for all the replys theve been really helpful, I'm currently finallising my cash & i'll most probably buying my bike on monday(Freaking pumped :D)

    i've put my choices down to the hyosung gt250r(New, 2yr warranty, 7.5k$+orc) & the kawasaki zxr250a(red), i found a good dealer for the a kawisaki(really good condition, 19,000km's, 12mth warranty 5.8k$+orc) I was wandering what everyone though of the Kawasaki, i heared the handling was alot better then the hyo & that it pulls alot hander which would probably be better for me seeing as how i'm gona be doing abit of freeway driving. Just like to hear everyone else's thoughs

    I'm not to good at self repairing & I'm a little to paranoid of a faulty bike to buy anything second hand, i would rather pay the little extra for the warranty(plus my old lady offered to pay for most of it so why not :D)

    lol, yah my gf would sell for a pretty penny if i put her up, probably stab me though if she saw her pic on ebay :D

    i've dun alot of research on the hyo & i've read alot of good things about it, also talked to a few hyo riders(while i was searching the bike dealers) & they all love the bike. I don't know why so many poeple hate this bike, a few poeple at work think it's a death trap buy & riding one of these bikes, I'd really love to test ride one & c for myself, I'm also not to worried about anything i hear seeing as how they have a 2yr full warranty on the bike.

    ty for the reply, alot to think about, i've considered getting a secound hand hyo but like i said to mrp i'm to paranoid to get a secound hand bike without warranty & seeing how my old folks have offered to pay for most of it i might as well get somthing new :), I though the kawi would pull harder the hyo? or am i mistaken? but i know the handling alot better & the kawi felt really nice under me
  18. The zxr has 45hp like the cbr and fzr but the hyosung only has about 35 I think. Regardless of what it is exactly it won't be beating any of the previously mentioned... That's not to say it's any slouch though, from what I've heard. I've seen one around my area (highpoint) and they are a very nice looking bike.

    My advice is to get someone to ride both bikes ON the freeway if possible and see what they say about it. If they say the hyosung cruises at 100 as comfortable as the zxr you might want the nice new hyosung. With that in mind I have a hard time with my mechanical sympathy cruising at 100 on my fzr in 6th at 9500rpm... I just keep telling myself "It goes up to 17,000" but even then I still don't like it. Point being most 250's scream at 100 :D

    It's hard choosing which bike to first ride I know
    So good luck :p
  19. I'm happy with the zx2r at 100kph. You can ride it in 6th and be a bit below the power, or ride in 5th and I'd recommend earplugs! The buzzing at 100kph gets annoying either way, as a length of freeway is just a droning noise really.

    You need to consider your own abilities too though. You're trying to compare a 7.5k new bike with a 6k used bike. Warranty vs no warranty. Wear and tear (no matter how well it has been maintained) vs no wear and tear (hopefully!). You don't need to be a wrench monkey, but some mechanical skill will go a long way with a second hand purchase, and if you don't have any mechanical skill and just want to ride, i would recommend the new bike as it sounds like you have the money to spend.

    Make sure in all your bike purchasing excitement you don't forget some good gear!!
  20. Just to make it really explicit:

    1. The ZXR is not a new bike, it's a very old bike. From a very short google it looks like the ZXR250A is from 1989. That means older technology and handling, even if it hasn't done a lot of km (and the odometer reading could well be dodgy anyway). It's *way* too expensive for what it is. I'd say avoid.

    2. Do you plan to upgrade to a bigger bike once you finish your Ps? If so (and unless you're independently wealthy (which it sounds like you're not if you're organising finance)) then it doesn't make a heap of sense to drop 7 grand on a brand new bike. You'll drop a grand or more riding it out of the shop, and minimum 2 grand in the couple of years. Why not pick up a bike a couple of years old, on which you'll lose almost nothing? I new that 'new bike smell' is nice, but is it 2 grand worth of nice?

    3. You still need maybe $1500 for gear - never forget. Can't afford the gear, can't afford to ride.

    So my strong advice would be to look at something like a 2 year old Hyosung or GPX, or something similar. Let someone else take the depreciation hit and that's an extra coupla grand you have to spend on your 'real' bike in a couple of years.