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need help,exhaust supplier-distributor?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by christian1441, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I need help guys, ive been quoted $1500 usd for power commander,full titanium leo vince exhaust and i think i can get an air filter thrown in for that too(07 r6). The problem is i think i can get the power commander and air filter for cheaper so i dont care about those,but im trying to find somewhere that i can get an exhaust for cheaper(and that actually delivers to australia) Ive found one place that sells the exhaust for $1169 usd but i dont think they post to australia. Can anyone help me with recommendations on places that stock leo vince exhausts and that post to australia?

  2. Have you sent an e-mail to LV asking for dealer info?

    Why are you so stuck on the LV exhaust system??
    What sort of bike??
    What are you trying to achieve??

    These guys apear to be the Aussie distributor but their web site is down.
  3. The bike is an07 r6,
    good idea,i'll send them an email. The reason i want the leo vince exhaust is because of the sound it makes and also the look and or style.

    edit- i contacted steve cramer products and he quoted me $2495 just the exhaust,so that threw that idea out
  4. Micron Ceramic black GP pipe............if I was ever stupid or misfortunate enough to own an inline 4, I'd have one in Black ;)
  5. Didnt you own a ZX6R once upon a time?
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  8. As long as you don't email them - they don't answer.. :evil:
  9. i just sent them an email,waiting on a reply

  10. shhhhhhhhh that was when I was even more stupid than I am now :)

    I should have said "again"
  11. Ha!

    Sorry I let that dirty secret out of the closet!

    By the way my '96 ZX6R will be advertised soon, if you want to relive those times when you only needed to buy ONE after market pipe!
  12. Nah sorrite mate, twice on an |4 is enough in anyones lifetime.

    I work for the Micron importer and I get staff prices :grin: So I can still get two cans for the price of one ;)
  13. Is there anyone you dont work for? By my calculations you are either 189 years old or get a new job every 3 weeks!
  14. I work for a wholesaler, thats my day job
    I run a small business from home
    I'm involved with Netrider a little bit ;)
    I work in a Hospital part time.
    I freelance as a photojournalist for a local paper when I can be bothered
    I work for a security company, sporadically
    I work at the F1 Grand Prix & the World Supers each year

    I think I've covered it all.
  15. Impressive!

    Are you sure there isnt 2 Vics?

    My one job sounds so mundane!
  16. Always got an answer when i emailed them.. And i busted there chops.. :?