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Need help deciding on upgrade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BiG DaN91, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. ok guys im coming to an end of my LAMS restrictions soon and need to start thinking about upgrades!

    1. im 20 y.o 6'4 ~100kg
    2. ive been riding for 2 years on a vtr250
    3. will be used for riding 25km to uni, rain hail or shine and weekend twisties
    4. $9-10k limit
    5. looks, sound and comfort are important and i hope to still be able to filter down springvale road

    my heart has been set on a gsxr750 but dad says its too big of an upgrade and impractical for commuting which makes me second guess, but then again my friend recently bought a cbr1000rr and hasnt complained. then i start to wonder if a gsxr600 would be a better step up for me in terms of power but i worry it would lack low end torque.

    that brings me on to daytona 675 which looks and sounds great but it gets a bit pricey and might be uncomfortable commuting. then i start thinking about street triple r and other nakeds such as z750, ducati monster etc. and finally i go right to the other end of the spectrum and wonder if a motard would be fun!? :blah: :confused: too many choices!! if only i could just keep my vtr to commute and buy a bigger bike for other rides :(

    so far i think im set on a gsxr750 or daytona 675 but im open to other suggestions

    anyone got any advice or do i just have to get out there and test ride them all?
  2. Test test test! Also, do a search about the models you want, there's reviews of almost all the bikes you asked about on here :)

    I was in a similar boat to you, I decided against a supersport cause of the insurance costs, have you considered that? I have a sv, cheap, fun and practical, and a Drz which is even cheaper, and I'm planning to motard that. How big is your commute?
  3. Yamaha FZ8N
  4. If the GSX-R750 is not a good choice the 600 is even worse; more race-focused, and a more aggressive riding position. The Daytona is also quite high in the seat.

    You need to test test test, as already suggested, and come along to some of the coffee nights and quiz the riders there; you CAN use ANY bike for ANY purpose, but that doesn't mean you won't be making compromises in terms of comfort and insurance cost.

    I like the idea of keeping the 250 for your commute and buying a sports-bike for the weekends, but that doubles your registration/maintenance/insurance costs too.....
  5. was gonna suggest the hornet900 !! if you like the naked look, plenty of grunt, I commute daily so filtering is easy, slight upright seat positiong for comfort and will be save you some bucks

    but as all of the above, research on the model you narrow down to, test ride as many as possible, I am 6' and 89kgs [not 90!!] the 900 has plenty of poke for me and FYI weekend did a ride with a group here, got 300 to the tank with a litre or 2 still in the tank
  6. I have sat on a daytona, haven't ridden one though. It felt like I was sitting on top of the mast of a sailing ship. Seriously not comfortable.

    Others probably love them though.
  7. I understand that your Dad might not like the idea of commuting on a sports bike (or even riding one for that matter), but that doesn't mean it's the wrong bike for you.

    You're 6'4 - no bike is going to be too high in the seat. In fact, your biggest issue will be the exact opposite of this.

    While there are categories of bikes which give a broad separation of things like ride position, style of power delivery, weather protection, pillion and luggage accommodation etc, the truth is that even within these categories there are differences between the bikes you won't notice until you ride them (e.g.seat, peg, bar relationship).

    This is why test riding them all is such fun. You get to experience for yourself the pros and cons of each of these broad design briefs, and find out which style suits you.

    Ride as many as you can, then buy the one you like the most that's within your budget. If you don't get it right, don't worry - it won't be your last bike. Your tastes, as well as the machines on offer will change a fair bit over the next 60 years of your riding life - enjoy it!
  8. Aprilia Shiver 750 is the bike you need to test - not that I'm biased or anything.
  9. thanks guys u make some good points

    good looking bike but a bit out of my price range unfortunately :(

    will test riding around the block or whatever even help that much? its not like im gonna be testing on twisties or filtering heavy traffic so its mainly just the seating position and feel of it?

    i think ill only be getting 3rd party insurance
    as 20 y.o with 3 demerit points, parking in driveway, riding all conditions, only just off restricted license its gonna cost me more than its worth
  10. Then it gets stolen and you are left with no bike and no money.
  11. Yamaha R1 - there is no substitute

    ooops can the idea insurance will kill you
  12. im not worried about that. theres no way of getting it out of my driveway and its quite secluded on a pretty big hill

    my dads had bikes parked there for 20 years and nothing bad happened
  13. lol i think the r1 would be more likely to kill me