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Need help deciding on a first bike (:

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kpun, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. hi, i'm looking for a LAMS starter bike and dont know which way to head. Originally it was the ninja250cc but ive read that its really small ? small tires, build etc :/ so then it turned out to be a toss up between the Megelli 250R or the Hyosung GT 250R. But ive read that the Megelli is a really rusty and unreliable bike to go on, with alot of problems -____-.. i realy like the one light thing the Hyosung has going on, but that it gets a bit shaky at high speeds? which kind of worries me for when i hit higher speeds which i will be doing alot, only when i hit the highway. i like the look of a sport bike and ill be using it alot to hit the highway, eg M4 . I was also wondering how the Yamaha FZ6R 600cc is eligible to be a LAMS :-s , i thought they had to be 250cc or less ? im about 177cm and 75kg with an athletic build; i hit the gym alot :) a budget of a maximum of 6000-6500? maybe 7000 depending on how much i like the look of the bike :/ im open to any other different bikes with a sporty look;

    thanks guys !
  2. If you're in a state that has LAMs it doesn't need to be under 250ccs. It just needs to be on the LAMs list which the rta has on their website.

    Don't discount the ninja so fast. They tend to me more reliable and established than your other 2 choices.

    Have you considered the GS500F?
  3. I would consider the Suzuki GS500F too, you could get a 2009 or 2010 model with low k's for your budget.
  4. not until you mentioned it ! it looks great but i dont know much about it, ill do the research unless you know a bit about it already? the only thing im thinking about is the pointy head; it looks a bit weird - or is that just me :-s
  5. Yes the Ninja is small, but so are you - so you should fit one just fine. :)

    That said LAMS gives you a wide variety of low-powered or detuned bikes under 660cc to choose from so things like the GS500F, GSX650F or the Ninja 650RL might be worth a look.
  6. Have a look around, it is a very good learner bike with a bit more grunt and size than the ninja, looks all come down to personal opinion really you'll either like it or you wont :)

    It will be much better on the highway though if you plan on doing long trips around 100-110kmph
  7. HAHAHAHA thanks ! yeah ill give the GSX650F a look
  8. oh yeah btw guys can i just adjust the seat to bend lower on the bike ? or is that something completely irrelevant :/
  9. Get a yamaha wr250x motard - they are about 5-6 grand with 5000kms or less - long service intervals ( every 10,000kms and no vlave work till 30,000kms ) fuel injected , cheap to insure, cheap to repair -- and they will really teach you how to ride -- within 2 weeks I guarantee you that you will have absolutely no chicken strips front or rear

    I only sold mine because at my weight 110kg is was to slow - should yamaha ever release a 450 version I will buy it immediately

    The wr250x really is a great learners bike
  10. yeah ive heard the yamaha wr250x was a great learners bike as well; the only thing stopping me was the design. i didnt like the "dirt bike' look :/
  11. oh trust me you will love it very quickly when your jumping over gutters using speed humps as jumping ramps to get some air time etc etc and taking all manner of short cuts in the city and your sports bike mates have can not do this stuff
  12. See if you can take a GS500 for a test ride. I just got one and I love it. Really pleased I got something a big bigger than a 250. They're pretty reliable and very economical to run. I like the look of the naked GS better but definitely get buffeted about at 110kmh and up.
  13. if i had my time over on restrictions it would be this or just motard a dirt bike myself... have ridden a mates since and they are beyond fun to ride!!