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Need help deciding on a bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ButterSanger, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Hi, Im after a bike for around town riding and the occasional trip, will also have the odd passenger. There are 2 bikes that I like and am having trouble deciding which way to go. I haven't been on a road bike for about 6 years now but aprt from the initial few goes id be quite confident. OK the 2 bikes I like are used as I dont want anything over the top or new.

    The first is a 2007 SV650 naked, didnt really want a naked bike but loked at this one a few times and now really like the look of them. I have read many reviews about the SV650's and know how good of an all rounder they are. I dont think I could go wrong with it. Its done 4500k's and is $7100 ride away. Which is a bit more then I would have liked to spend but I know id be getting a great bike.

    The second is a 2004 Triumph Speed Triple 955, I seen this bike and then read about them and BAM! everyone was saying how great these bikes are. Its got a few things over the SV650 and prob turn mores heads. Would love to own one of these for just the brag factor. Its done 37000ks and is about 6100 rideaway (which seems cheap for one of them).

    So which way do I go? Im 5'9' so dont want a tall bike. Im not mechanically that savvy so want a reliable bike as well. I guess what I know is the SV650 is a sure buy. What I need to know is are the speed triples that good that I should get the older more K's (but cheaper) bike because its such a good bike. Also the speed triple is 3 1/2 hours away and the SV650 is 10min away. Both are from dealers.

    Thanks heaps guys, thoughts are appreciated.
  2. Two very different bikes, ride them and you will know which one.

    Reliability is a crapshoot.
  3. I think that SV is over priced.

    Regardless of that, which one did you like riding the most? Go with your heart, both are reliable.
  4. gsx 1400, great all round bullet proof bike at a great price.

    I'm tossing up between the all out sports of an SP1 or the GSX1400 for practicality.
  5. Ask for a testride, tell them both about the other bike and give them the spiel about wanting to know which one you want to buy. You will definitely know if it is for you; I bought my '88 CBR1000F based on a 10min testride.... more than 6 months before I actually bought one. One, the other, or both will be to your liking, so have a ride and go from there.

    Cheers - boingk
  6. Out of those two, all things being otherwise equal, an S3 of that vintage is more likely to give you headaches, and they can be costly ones.

    If it's a good one, they're great, but the 1050 from 2005 on was a big step up.

    You've got a lighter bike with a beaut motor in the SV, and without any major known issues, as opposed to the greater roll of the dice with the S3, but it's also a very good thing if it's well sorted.
  7. If it were my decision then I would get the SV. I have ridden a couple of these and found them to be a lot of fun. They sound great as well. But if you don't want a naked bike then why are you considering it?

    The rave reviews you are reading about the 955 are probably enthusiasts that don't mind working on them. Don't expect the same level of reliability from and old Triumph as you might expect from a Suzuki. I've already had bits fall off my Triumph and it's only a year old.
  8. FYI - Went the SV and am very happy. also got it a bit cheaper. :)
  9. I hope you enjoy the SV :) Get the suspension sorted, an R6 throttle tube and you'll be having heaps of fun with the SV.