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Need help deciding Euro bike - VF750 or GS 1400

Discussion in 'Touring' at netrider.net.au started by Aussiepete, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. hi guys and gals, as the title states i need help deciding, but first a run down..

    im very close to departing on a trip to the UK where i will be out of the country for at least 2 years, ill be riding the UK Scotland, Ireland, isle of man, then popping over to France, and doing Europe..

    right. the problem..

    i haven't freakin chosen a bike yet! haha, i really cant decide weather i want a nice comfy cruiser like a Honda VF750 ( or similar ) or just go all out and nab a decent BMW GS 1400.

    heres what i need -
    - something i dont need to lean down on all day
    - something comfy i can sit on for like 6hrs and not burn the bike down afterwards
    - i'd prefer to have a low center of gravity bike ( like the VF) but not essential ( riding a XR 250 for 5 yrs im kinda used to tall )

    Any input you guys can off would be great, cheers
  2. Sounds like fun, I would use whatever time you have left here to go test ride lots of different bikes, see what they actually feel like for you.
  3. Ninja 1000 of Suzuki gsxf1000
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  4. Suzuki Bandit. One of the water cooled ones. Cheap and surprisingly quick for what it is.
    Any sports bikes are a pain in the butt literally doing six hour days and the BMW is a big heavy tank.
  5. If you know where to get a BMW GS1400 I'm
    Serious touring, the BMW 1200GS/RT is your bike.
  6. Surely a mid sized BMW is the right choice, the F800 whatever.
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