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Need help buying new gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Tesh #4, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,
    thinking about getting a CBR250r after my exams finish and I was wondering what sort of gear to buy. Looking for a jacket, gloves and a helmet. Any good suggestions and anything else i should look into buying? And any recommended (not online) shops to purchase from in Sydney?

    Will only really be riding from point to point, wont be hitting the track or anything extreme.

    Trying to keep the budget under $1000 or something close to that :)

  2. Around $1000 is a good amount to play with.

    Helmet: $350-450
    Jacket: $200-300
    Gloves$ 100
    Boots: $180
    Pants: $150
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  3. Okay thanks heaps for the price guide!

    Know any quality but affordable shops around Sydney?
  4. I'm a tight ar$e so let me give my input (might be relevant as I'm a new rider too)

    Helmet: $130 (Xpeed with AS and Snell ratings)
    Jacket: $150 (IIRC. Ixon water-resistant, breathable jacket with CE armour for shoulders and elbows and winter lining, foam back padding)
    CE back armour for the abovementioned: $50
    Pants: $130 (Rjays Explorer water-resistant breathable with foam hip armour and knee/shin padding)
    Boots: $230 (Berik GPX race boots. Because I believe they provide better protection and I don't need boots I can walk around town in)
    Gloves: $40 and $75. (Extreme summer leathers with knuckle protection and C&R Storm waterproof breathable all-season gloves also with knuckle protection)

    Will be looking for something cooler in Spring but for all seasons except summer, my gear works well enough.

    Bought everything from AMX in Melbourne except for the back plate which I believe I ordered online from a shop in Sydney!

    For helmet, fit was the priority rather than cheap. But subsequently I've discovered that a $500 Shoei fits even better, so that is an upgrade I might consider in future. The other brands such as Arai were a terrible fit, and I was pleased that a cheap yet decent helmet fit the bill so well.

    I personally also think that Kevlar jeans are terrible value as they offer less protection yet don't cost any less than a decent budget armoured pants. Might get them in future depending on commuting needs though. The places I commute to now have enough room for me to put my gear away.
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    Thanks mate, really appreciate the long comment - will look into those accessories :)
  6. to bad you don't have bikersgear in Sydney you can get it on line but the stuf prolly wont fit AGV helmet $200, leathers $500 boots $130 gloves $50 leather thong , priceless
  7. MCAS in Sydney is one place.. they hav ea fairly big range, but not everything and not always best prices http://www.mcas.com.au/

    I forgot to get leather thong (doesn't it chafe?) but as a noob I got.. (and I was prepared to spend a little more)

    Alpine* boots SMX6 ~300ish
    Shark S700S helmet ~300ish
    gloves ~100ish
    textile jacket with removable inner (Rjays evo3?) ~250ish?
    Kevlar jeans ~10oish
    back protector = overkill? = Knox Aegis (imported ~200ish+?)
    knox knee guards (use them for MTB as well)

    I reckon go to MCAS (they have a few stores) or Sydney City, or.. whoever has an ok range... try lots on to find stuff that is comfortable.

    try on helmets and buy the one that fits....
    try on gloves, buy the ones that fit and are comfortable...

    jacket, some armour is good.. jeans, Kevlar is good..

    the other way to look at it is.. whatever you buy to learn, you will probably replace in a year anyway :) but get helmet that fits well :) you'll always need more clothing/gloves
  8. Textile is better than Kevlar IMHO.
  9. denim only jeans?no Kevlar?

    or are we talking underwear? :D
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    Yeah! Sydney City Motorcycles. Not that I'm biased or anything...

    I disagree that you will change your gear within a year, though. I still occasionally use the textile jacket I got as a learner in 2006. If you do the research and buy the correct gear it should keep you happy for at least a couple of years.
  11. yeah, I will still user learner stuff for a while, but will "supplement" with better gear.. as I understand what "better" actually is :D
    am happy with my original choices
  12. Agree, but not always easy to get good quality leather (ie well constructed) on a tight budget.
  13. 35 years ago I felt comfortable trail riding in tshirt jeans and sneakers, sure I put a foot peg through my ankle but what the hey that's life, gear has come a long way since then as is now more affordable, really up to the individual any way
  14. I figured you'd be into leather.
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  15. you figured rite
  16. Aldi sale tomorrow week. Gloves $30 are excellent, thermals and socks good value for money and the touring jacket and pants work.
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  17. 1. If this is your first kit out of gear, then you'll be on a budget so you need to know this,... R'Jays are shit. ........Having established that, Dririder, RST and Joe Rocket all make afforable gear that will do the job and hold up to at least one crash.

    2. You'll spend a lot of time in your gear so try it on, walk around the shop and sit on a bike to make sure it's comfortable.

    3. There is no such thing as 100% waterproof, only degrees of effectiveness.

    4. If you buy a little too big, then layers can be added underneath on cold days, but buying serious winter gear then riding nude in summer is a waste of money.

    5. Don't be afraid to spend a lot on a helmet that fits properly. How much is your head worth to you anyway?

    6. After buying the helmet, go for gloves ($80-$150) and boots ($200-$400), then spend what's left on jacket and pants (spend about the same $ on each).

    7. When buying your first kit, you're buying textiles. There is no argument on this point. Leather is cold (bloody freezing actually) during winter and hot (stinking hot) in summer if it's not perforated. Kevlar lined denim doesn't have the body armour or weather protection you need. You can pick up the fancy stuff over the years as you go, but first up you need versatility in your kit and only textiles will give you that.
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  18. Hi I live in Melbourne and everytime I go out it seems to rain,anyway I bought Dryrider jacket and pants and they are great,never got wet once except my feet.Need new boots.Shopped at AMX in Melbourne
  19. I've bought most of my gear from Finn Moto but you said you don't want to do online and they might be a bit far north of sydney. $50 joe rocket sonic gloves and $100 bullson maddox boots have been great budget buys. Seems like other gear is bit more subjective: After a year I wear mostly kevlar jeans(450gsm full lining and knee armor) and a leather jacket; armored and kevlar lined hoodie if it's over 30 degrees and leather pants if i'm heading out and think i'll get more than a little wet. In addition to other caveats leather requires regular seeing to with conditioner, not much trouble but something to consider.
  20. eBay is your friend, try on a few Brands in the stores and work out what size you are in a few of the popular Brands Alpinestar, Dainese, Sidi, Dri Rider etc. In Jackets, Boots Pants.

    Then see if you can pick them up cheap on eBay, if you are a more standard size i.e. Jacket 52 to 56 Euro then there are always lots for sale on eBay.

    I have bought a number of jackets, full suits and boots without any problems now, but there is always a risk buying second hand, just use PayPal and if there is a problem you can usually get your money back using the PayPal claim system. (y)