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Need help buying a second bike!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bambam_101, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Heya,

    I was recently looking to buy a second hand yammy R6 (was advertised by nick 308 i think in the 4 sale section here) but by the time I finally got the finance through, he had sold it. This morning! dammit!


    Now looking for a new bike as a commuter/everyday/trackday bike. Im clocking up way too many kms on my zx10 and need something to get around on. Im moreso keen on sports bikes like the R6, zx6, CBR etc.

    Dont really like naked bikes that much but if something cool like a Z750 came around at the right price, Id jump on it for sure!

    So the question i ask is can you guys recommend something for me for around the $7000 mark. Would prefer a 600 but would go up to a 750 if i have to.

    Does anyone know of any ripper bikes for sale at the moment?

  2. A couple of questions. What don't you like about the 10? Is it that by putting lots of kms on it you're devaluing it or the running costs are too high? Or do you intend to keep the 10 and buy a 600 as well?

    A commuter/daily ride for under 7k is easy enough. You can get an F3 CBR600 in good order for that price any day of the week. I'm not sure how you would feel about track days on it though. Otherwise, sorry I don't have a specific example to link you to.
  3. Get an sv650s mate, they are a serious track day cult bike in the UK, so theres a crapload of aftermarket stuff available.

    Plus it has more personality than a cbr600f (imo). Good for commuting as well, cheap to run, etc.

    Ordinarily I wouldn't suggest an sv, but you're in melbourne and I won't be buying one from there so you're not taking a potential bike away from me :)

    7000 would get you an 03 with 20k kms and a pipe (03 is first year of sv fuel injection).
  4. Nah Port,

    LOVE the 10. She is definately staying. But nearly 6000kms in 3 months is getting up there. The 600 will be a second bike for riding to work and just a get around really. Will keep the 10 for good days and the spur/track etc.

    I dont mind the look of the SV but really fell in love with that R6 that nick was selling. Been searchin and searchin but cant find anything that comes close to it for sale at the moment.

    Not sure, just gotta keep lookin for that bargain i guess.

    Wheres MG? Should see if he can find me a $2000 gsxr like the one he bought! hehe
  5. And? As you long as take care of it, it'll keep on going no worries.
  6. Dont doubt that for a second. Fortunately for me, no kids, no mrs means im in a position to be able to buy more toys. Clocking up too many kms is an excuse i know but im sticking with it! :p

    The 10 will definately be ridden alot. Regardless of having another bike. It just seems to be a waste riding it to work and for errands. (also want a bike i can fcuk around on and not be too worried about damaging)
  7. Scott you definately need to call me dood.. :grin:

    We seriously need to talk about you buying another bike, cause i want one too.. :LOL:
  8. then i shall buzz ya tomorrow arvo.

    I got thursday night off training too so you should drag your ass out to the mystery ride thingy and we can catch up there dood.
  9. Dinner with work on Thurs night.. :)
  10. Ok i think i found the bike for me.

    2000 R6 yammy with about 40k kms on the clock. Question is, is 40k too many for a bike that i intend on using as a daily rider? I would easily do 25k kms on this bike in a year.

    What is a realistic price for a full engine rebuild on one of these things. I dont mean getting the engine souped up or anything, just an overhaul back to original specs. Are we talking like $1000 or $8000?? I have no idea.


    I may call in that favour we talked about last night sooner than i thought! :)
  11. I've been down this road myself and not long ago! Same budget, same kinda bike... What I've learned from that is to avoid the old ZX-6R (up 'till 2001) cause apparently they'll head shake like there's no tomorrow. And I've heard that from more than one owner, and then confirmed it on websites. If you can stretch your budget just a little, I'd recommend you get the GSXR 600 01 onwards as it has fuel injection, same goes for the CBR 600 F4i (this one specially good if you're commuting on it!). Otherwise, just do what I did and wait... wait... wait... and then "hopefully" find a great bike going for a bargain!! You probably know that, but keep your eyes open and watch the trading post!! The good thing is that this waiting period allows you to save some more money (there'll be mods, don't fool your self!!! :p ) and learn more about the bike you're after! Of course it sucks too... :LOL:

    Good luck! :grin:

    Ps: I know there's nothing wrong with older bikes without fuel injection, it's that the ones that do have it are easier to maintain IMO!
  12. Did a quick search and if you're willing to fix her bit and pay us a visit, there are some interesting options out there... Mostly Suzukis.


    This one looks good, but since there's no mention of mileage I'm guessing it's on the high side...

    This one it's almost too good to be true!! And it looks the business too...

    And that's after 5 min and only 2 websites!
  13. Unless I was getting desperate, I'd give it a miss. Too high for my liking..
    considering ones I've seen have 1/2 the milage.

    See last link of Mr Ed's post bud. At days end, its up to you brother.

    No idea either. Never held onto a bike long enough to find out. [​IMG]

    Why dont you ask ya mate at 1300.

    No worries at all bud. Contact me when you need it.

    No scotches required for this one. I'll call on you sooner or later, now that
    I know what I can use you for. [​IMG]
  14. Dont get any dirty ideas mate. I dont swing that way! :oops:
  15. Thought about a supermotard as a second bike/runaround? Something Completely Different, rather than just a baby brother to the 10r? You'd geta killer one for this money.
  16. Im definately open to suggestions bravus!

    Been lookin at everything from R6s to VTR1000s to YZF600s to older triumphs.
  17. Mebbe this (less than you're looking to spend)

    Or this