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Need Ghost Rider movie links plz

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by crutch, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Im looking for links to ghost riders vids. im not talkin about the movie or tv show talkin about the physco norwegien guy that lane splits at 300 k's an hour. I managed to pull a few of http://www.spikedhumour.com/ but most other site dont offer much. If anyone has a link plz post it

  2. woot thanks now i have something to da at work today.

    think i might grab some dvd's of this from ebay aswell
  3. Gawd, I knew I shouldn't have clicked those links.
    Everytime I watch any ghost rider clips I feel like going for a blast in the traffic.
    I was going to wash the beast this afternoon....was :p
    It's nearly peak hour, see ya's later folks :twisted:
  4. that man is fairly insane .
    saw his uppsala run
    the man averages 273ks an hour for about 15 minutes in peak hour.

    i wonder what he does in his free time ?
  5. there is alot of trickery in the DVD. i have 3 of them at home, watched them all over and over. half the time the cops arent even chasing him.

    in one scene he does burnouts around an empty cop car, then shoots off at 200+kays for 10 mins lol.

    but the upsala run is nuts. i heard (unsure if true) that he got squished between 2 trucks trying to beat his record.

    Crutch - i suggest getting the DVD's, there worth the watch. Ezy dvd sell them.
  6. there were rumors taht the guys is dead .
    dunno if they are true

    maybe the guy's a copper and he can get away with pretty much anything.

    how old do you recon he'd be??
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  8. here's some more info on GR:

    "...Anybody thats into turbobiking in stockholm knows Patrik (GhostRider)

    He´s just a little bit crazy. But he´s pretty fast for someone who turns 40 this year! He acually told me that he was gonna stop making films. He got a second kid the 28 feb. a little girl. He already have a son, 5yo. He said that its time to be serious - Yeah right!..."


    Fastest motorcycle wheelie!
    May the 1st 1999, at Malby military airfield, on a Honda CBR 1100 XX Turbo Intercooler, Patrick Fürstenhoff "drove" himself into the book of records!

    With 323, 89 km/ h doing a wheelie!

    "...He broke his old record this summer doing a 350km/h wheelie.... On his 500hp Busa-fighter

    Nowdays he is riding all Suzuki and call himself something thats not very popular in the Police-community here in stockholm..."

    you may find this thread interesting...
  9. And after the first 5 minutes on the freeway it's bloody boring!
  10. Oh yeah twainharte, I checked that quote & link from your post and whoah - I thought I was keen but I clearly have no idea! Easier to put together a jet fighter! Who can even construct bikes like that let alone competently ride them?

    Anyone here?
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  12. He can never die, he's just like Bert Newton. :)

    Maybe he is Bert Newton. :grin:
  13. Well, no-one has ever seen Bert and Ghostrider in the same room at the same time... Coincidence? Maybe... but maybe not!

    In any case, Ghostrider is going to release a new movie... soon. Release date has slipped already, now they say it should be mid-November.
    I wouldn't be suprised if this was to be his last video though.
  14. Actually I find the legalities of it all rather interesting. Fact is, Swedish police have known his identity for years, along with the rest of the world. But knowing it and charging him are two different things. Since he a) doesn't show his face while on the bike, b) has no number plates on while doing his stunts and c) the bike is registered as belonging to a company, not him individually, the only way they can actually charge him is to catch him red-handed.

    Now if this was Australia, the cops could probably arrest him anyway using any number of excuses, up to and including anti-terrorist laws. But apparently they cannot get away with it in Sweden, which actually has a concept of citizens rights.
  15. noone's ever seen me and Ghost rider in the same room at the same time either :wink wink:
    It would be illegal, so don't go to somewhere like isohunt or mininova and downloading some torrents.
  16. tailus i prefer torrent spy, but u gota respect his work for whatever reason worth paying for.
  17. 3 of his episode can be downloaded from www.streetracersonline.com - they are pretty poor quality :( but are still worth a look if you have a fast connection.
  18. Resurrecting this thread to add the new Ghostrider movie is (finally!) ready and currently they take preorders, to be filled before Christmas if all goes well... just in case anyone's interested: www.ghostridermovie.net