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need fairing for hyosung..

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mikezzz, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. hey peepz..

    i have a hyosung gt250r...ran into a bit of troube with my bike and killed the fairing.. and have a few questions..

    1. does anyone know where i could order it from?
    2. how much it would cost?, and
    3. if i could buy just a certain piece or do i need to buy the full kit?

    appreciate all the help i can get.. thanks
  2. Check out eBay, there have been some Hyosung fairings lately :)
  3. You can buy each piece seperately. They come painted but you will have to buy the stickers as they are not fitted. I paid $308.65 for a lower fairing and $190.60 for an upper fairing (both left side) from Peter Stevens last year.
  4. ok thanks heaps for that man.. yeah mine is the right side.. and the upper front right side... i kinda went for a slide...

    another question... my rear break snapped off.. like not just the lever the whole piece.. any estimates on price for that?
  5. bout $100-150 a pop from a wrecker.
    Or u can take em in to be plastic welded and resprayed.