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Need fabricator for a damper. who/where in Melb to look at?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by undii, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Hi, I had a boo boo a while ago, my dodgy arm gave way whilst doing a right hander (right arm/shoulder had nerve damage) and consequently, I dropped the bike... Well, I decided to take an extended break from 'big' riding as this showed me I still was not right for 'normal' riding (2 years on!).

    So... I'm feeling LOTS better in the arm and more confident whilst riding, arm without the 'support' when using handlebars on the bike, I've decided to get back slowly into better rididng than usual. So, one thing left to do before I venture onto ye yonder road. I haven't had a steering damper put in as the stock one was damaged and I managed to get an ohlins damper for a great price, worst thing is it's a tiny bit longer from memory to fit. Have been told I can get a fabricator to get it to fit. I was just wondering if anyone knows of good people to ask about to this to get the damper to fit my 675.

    For reference, it's Ohlins Steering damper stroke 68. SD 121 (I guess that's the model number).

    ANY help is always appreciated! :D Thanks all! (Hope it's the right forum, still waking up/groggy from pain meds atm)
  2. Just bumping this in case anyone can help.. Cheers :)
  3. Wazza, you could try Mark at Madaz.com.au he's pretty resourceful.
  4. Thanks :)

    Been WAY busy (as usual), will have time thur or fri to look for a fab/fitting kit!

    Cheers mate