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Need expert tire help for M109R

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by strech, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    how come I got 15000 k out of a rear tire then I put on a new one exactly the same as the old one and only got 5000 k before scrubbing both sidewalls down to the wires on the weekend. Same roads same speeds same weather conditions.WTF???
    Any help appreciated.
    BTW Bike is the Suzuki 1800 M109R.

  2. You must have got used to its abilities.. :twisted:
  3. Sounds like you should be on a sports bike
  4. I have only 8500 klms on my rear, and will replace it before the rain (if it comes) sets in.
    Cant see I could get 15000klm out of it. But roads and styles mean a lot.

    Higher speeds tend to wear the tyre more, with high temps. Maybe summer wear?

    Other than that, I have no knowledge of why. Was it the same tyre? I have heard the original dunlop240 is different to the same tyre supplied by Dunnie here.
    I am planning on replacing with a 250 Elite III.
  5. Got a pic?

    You'd wanna be doing some crazy non-stop twistys, or your tyre pressue was way down :?
  6. When I had my SV, it was said that the OEM Dunlop 220's were made differently to the ones that were on the shelf. Specifically, the OEMs where made of different rubber compound. Although it was opposite of what you are saying, the OEM 220's were softer and better than the after market ones. (Not much mind you).

    Maybe Suzuki have done similar to make the OEM tyre look better than the after market to get more sales.
  7. Must be different batches as we are getting different milage from our 109ers. I'm about 8k and may be able to squeeze another 2k.

    On average I think we do about 8k, whereas some only make 6k.

    I am about to fit a Metz 260 and again should do about 8k, see what happens.

    check this http://www.m109riders.com/forum/index.php/board,30.0.html

  8. hey thanks for all the help guys, I took off the buggered metzeler 280 and put on a 250 dunlop . was only $480 for a new front and rear fitted opposed to $800 for a front and rear metzeler. bike feels like it wants to fall over in the corners for a bit till I get use to riding around on a skinny rear tire again. Get more smoke from a dunlop than a metzeler btw.lol.
  9. Hmmm, I think I know why the last one didn't last long.
  10. Ww were walking along Hay St Perth Monday and came across a Blue M109.
    Mrs 2wheelsagain was impressed (upgrade????? :eek: ) so I checked it out and saw there was no chicken strip at all. These things must get through corners ok. Now I'm impressed :LOL: