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Need custom leathers - Advice?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Unconnected, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    today i went to MCAS auburn to buy my first set of leathers, i was looking at a dainese laguna seca two peice suit, however to my dismay it was revealed to me that no suits fit me properly becuase im tall with long arms and thin.

    Even when i get a loose fiting suit, the sleeves end about 5-6 cm behind the end of my hand, so if i found a size small enough it wouldnt nearly be long enough in the arms and legs.

    Anyway pretty much the conclusion was met with then salesmen, that i needed to get custom leathers considering the need to get a good fit for such a large investment (around $1500 budget, could be pushed). Anyway i have some questions:

    1. What are some good companies that do custom leather, looking to get measured in real life as i dont trust my skills.

    2. Can you get two piece suits custom made? or do you reckon it would be just a pointless investment to get a two peice made. i already have kevlar jeans and a textile jacket And the only riding i do is sports riding e.g. old pac, putty, macq pass etc. I do plan to get on the track when i have a more track focused bike/ in a few years.

    So yea, looking for some advice, the guy at mcas recommend ozmotorcycleleathers, he claimed the gimoto? suits they sold were actually better then the dainese laguna sec / the rest of the off the shelf range really.

    Thanks guys.
  2. I think there's a member on here that does them...maybe Oz_motorcycle_leathers or similar username have a search and send a pm

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  3. Highly recommended,Irena is super helpful.She has been doing some changes to an old jacket of mine and the gear she has in the shop is impressive.Shop is in Surry Hills.
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  4. Tiger Angle are in Vic,they do good gear as well.There is also a bunch in Queensland
  5. Thanks for the mention guys :)

    Just come and see us in the shop, no pressure at all. The Gimoto suits aren't cheap but you're paying for a one-off suit handmade by professionals in Italy. You choose the style, the colours and the extras. We've got a good selection of off the peg stuff in the shop too. You can see some pics of custom suits on our facebook page :

  6. Finn moto also offers made to measure suits. 1pc or 2pc, made to measure and cut to suit your riding position. Designed to suit your motorcycle and desired look. Cowhide or kangaroo is used depending on your budget. www.finnmoto.com.au
    Located on the central coast, welcome to visit for fitting.

    pricing: cowhide approx $800, kangaroo $1100. Graphic/art, personalised design can be organised at an addition cost.
  7. Hey thanks for that. Went and saw irena at gimoto the other day and got measured up and designed a sweet as two piece exactly to my needs + talked some good shop. Should arrive in a few weeks, excited to say the least!!!

    will do a full write up etc once i have done some good riding in it.
  8. Here's a quote from your ebay site - "From our experience with these goods we have discovered that Pakistan not only makes the finest looking motorcycle gear, they back it all up with quality."

    Well, we pull apart and rebuild race suits every day and that is definitely not our experience.
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  9. fight fight fight hehe
  10. Many larger names have their leather gear made in Pakistan
  11. Perhaps I should reword that, we only work with manufactures that prove there gear.(eg 30+ year experience). Most gear they make is exported to premium Europe brands, materials are imported from all over the world, it simply comes down to price eg $1200 = $1800+ retail value, we're lucky enough to not have the overhead of retail brick & mortar + staff. At the end of the day its upto the customer to choose what is right for them.

    Due to the amount of work in each suit you will only find a few dozen in australia, but i agree there are only a few manufactures in pakistan that make to the safety standard it should be. We’re lucky enough to work with one of them 
  12. Not to get into a debate, but more to give people an insight:

    There's a load of factories in Sialkot Pakistan that specialise in leather products. They're been exporting belts, handbags and shoes for a hell of a long time. More recently, they've been trying their hand at motorcycle suits. Some of them have slick websites, complete with pictures of Rossi and Pedrosa, and will swear blind that they make the highest quality products money can buy.

    Now, these manufacturers may know a lot about leather, but they don't know shit about constructing a decent quality race suit. We get 4 or 5 emails per week offering us "best quality motorbike wears" and like most people, we like a good laugh, so usually have a look at their websites.
    What we see is hilariously badly designed suits and gloves, often modeled by an overweight uncleor moustachio'd nephew. More worryingly, we regularly spot fakes and copies of other brands such as Alpinestars, Dainese, Clover etc. These guys are happy to make you a suit with any logos you like and send it off to you for a few hundred bucks. Here's a pic of one of the better looking ones (though it is copy of a Spyke suit).


    Anyone can trade with a Sialkot manufacturer, either as a direct customer, or to set themselves up as an importer - it's not difficult all you need is to go to alibaba.com, type in "motorcycle suit" and you'll see countless companies all wanting you to take a few hundred bucks of your money and throw it down the drain.

    Takamii, you're right. Some big companies do get their suits made in Pakistan, but IMO it's always to the detriment of their reputation. Look at Frank Thomas, for years a well respected UK brand. They shift all their production to Sialkot, all of a sudden the quality of their products go out of the window, they get a reputation for shoddy workmanship in their own country and eventually go into liquidation. There's a couple of other companies still using Sialkot manufacturers to make their suits but they have to be very, very careful with their quality control. Usually, in our experience, if a company outsources their production to a country such as Tunisia, Pakistan or elsewhere, it's an indicator that profit margins are more important than consistent quality products and industrial reputation. It's no-one's fault, I suppose sometimes they're forced to do it in order to remain competitive, but here's my take :

    If I am going to trust my safety to a protective garment, I'd rather be wearing something built to a specification rather than a budget.

    We regularly get customers bringing in garments that they bought on ebay or whatever for a bargain price. So far, there has been not one item that I would personally wear. Leather can be stiff, shirred panels look cheap (if they even exist at all) , stitching is either sloppy, missed or badly tensioned.

    But, as has been said, it's up to the customer to choose what is right for them, and this is all only my opinion.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Your right there are a lot of dodgy factories in Pakistan in the $300 price bracket you mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised if soccer balls were on the other side of the production line. But this isn’t comparing apples with apples. (Ive seen all of Pakistan’s tricks/cons & cheap junk, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I used that quality).

    There are handful factories that have the experienced workers, large capital (invested heavily in the latest machinery & technology sourced from all over the world). A good factory sponsors students to go Study University in the uk, returning back home to help others. A passionate owner helps a lot as well because price/profit is not at the top of the list.

    Saying that a product is only worth what someone’s willing to pay. As with most items/services the more you pay the higher the quality grade & service. The unique factories in Pakistan have a price edge over other countries because of their lower cost of living, massive turnover / buying power. So for a $1200 kangaroo suit made in Pakistan, would cost more than $2000 made in Australia/other. (that would be with the same business structure as ours). Sadly that’s the way it is, if we could use Australian factories we would but riders want high quality at low/medium end prices.

    Eventually the high end factories will be forced to invest in ‘standards’ to set/prove themselves apart from the rest as many factories are catching up. eg ce 13595, downside this costs around $8k, which adds a good $150 to each suit if 50 suits are done in a year. That doesn't include a certificate just the "made to en13595 standards". Cant wait too review this in 5 years time and see if anything has changed.
  14. 8K huh Matt ?

    be thankful you don't certify helmets to standards

    I seem to be working for TUV and TAXMAN
  15. yea 8k for a full suit, thats just testing with pass/fail report. doesn't include chemical testing though. You have the option to fly them to the factory, so that would prob be another $8k lol.

    I cant even imagine how much they will be asking for helmets. I wouldn't be surprised if they charge by the sticker.
  16. To the OP - buy the BEST suit YOU can AFFORD.

    Then get it tailored to fit properly. An ill fitting suit, no matter where it originates from will still cause you damage, mainly in the form of friction burns.

    If you go GIMOTO you're laughing, seriously high quality gear and if they make them to measure even better.

    Failing that, grab an 'off the peg' set of ASTARS, Dainese, Spidi etc (again buy the best you can afford) and get em tailored by Micks Leather Fix or someone similar.

    I recommend Mick as he does alot of work for the race circuit, doesn't charge nearly enough for his work and is a top bloke to boot.

    My sister was having some issues finding a decent suit (mainly track days) and being that she's fairly short but long legs and a large chest, couldn't find many womens suits full stop much less ones that fitted well - but after Mick's handy work she couldn't be happier with them.

    Mick has also plastered my suit in my sponsor logo's, race number and name etc, not that I deserve any sponsors after my last effort at Aus Fx! A weekend I'd rather forget ....although after seeing the Sepang GP, not as bad as it can be with this sport :( :( :(

  17. As above i ended up getting a Gimoto stripes suit, made to measure with cow leather and in two piece configuration. Looking forward to it very much, the wait is already killing me and its only been a few days :p
  18. Never heard a bad thing about Tiger Angel.

    Edit: Bit slow off the mark today.