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Need centre stand for Chain tightening

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GunSlingerAU, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    Went into MCA on the weekend to buy a centre stand for my VN250 Eliminator - I figure I'll need one to do my chain tightening, and don't want to use 2 x car jacks.

    Strangely, the guys there didn't have a clue where to get one. I say strangely, because usually these guys are a fountain of knowledge.

    So, anybody got any ideas on where I can pick one up, and how much it'll set me back?
  2. What you will need is a paddock stand, since your bike has no centre-stand (and probably no provision for fitting one).

    see here


    MCAS certainly sell these, and several other choices
  3. :rofl: Once again my contention that people don't read the thread, no matter how short it is, is confirmed :rofl:.
  4. Why get a centre stand that may or may not exist, when you can just get a paddock stand and do more than just tighten your chain?
  5. Buy a shaft drive, problem solved ;)
  6. You just can't help yourself, can you?? Go up and read the very first reply to the OP's question. Read it slowly and carefully and note the strangely-familiar link I supplied :roll:.
  7. You don't need to lift the back wheel up to adjust the chain. Just do it on the ground.
  8. Ahaha, how the hell did I overlook your post? LOL. I SWEAR I read every one :shock: . Oh well, I got a good laugh out of that one, thanks hornet :LOL:
  9. It's all good, mate, and note that I resisted any 'toast' jokes :LOL:.
  10. By all means, I'm keen to hear them all :)
  11. Really? I thought I had to have the bike lifted off the ground to do a chain adjust?

    And thanks for the clarification on the names of the stands - thought I might have got it wrong. Note to self - paddock stand, NOT centre stand. MCAS here I come...
  12. Yep. Loz is quite right.

    The only time you need a wheel actually off the ground is when doing either a mono or a stoppie.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS It's a lot easier on a stand and vertical...
  13. As said, you don't need to lift the rear wheel when adjusting chain tension. A race stand can be really handy when cleaning the bike, servicing the bike and especially when cleaning and lubing the chain.
    I have a universal rear stand from Sharp Racing Accessories and it's tops. :)
    I think I paid about $170 for mine. For peace of mind, I'd recommend spending the money and getting a good, solid stand. The collapsable R-jays stands are priced to entice but they seem very flimsy to me and I would never trust one to hold my bike safely. :)
  14. :roll: You don't NEED to lift the rear wheel off the ground to adjust the chain, but you can do a much more accurate job if you do..

    The request was how to OBTAIN a stand; not whether people thought one was necessary or not :roll:.
  15. Ahah!

    That is what you and the OP thought, but on further investigation he might have:

    1) changed his mind about adjusting the chain on one

    2) decided that he still wants one anyway.

    I find, since I have been in customer service of one sort or another for several weeks/months/years/decades/millenia that oft-times customers have an incomplete or inaccurate idea of what they need, or why.

    Even if he doesn't follow through with our suggestions, he still knows more, now, than when he came in. And the information he was given was not only enlightening, it was accurate as well.

    And that's always a plus in netrider technical and maintenance forums!

    All the best :)

    Trevor G
  16. If you do get a paddock stand, make sure it'll fit under your bike. A lot of them are for chook chasers and the starting height is pretty high.
  17. You're absolutely right Trevor - I had thought that I needed a centrestand to do chain tightening duties, but it turns out that:

    a) I had my terminology mixed up, and in fact needed a paddock and/or race stand.
    b) I don't actually need one to do chain tightening, BUT, I'll get a better tighten if I do use one. The stand will also come in handy when I want to clean and lube my chain, which will be a weekly job.

    So, I've learnt a bucketload, and have come to the conclusion that a stand will come in handy. Oh yeah, I've also been reminded just how damn much you lot know!