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Need boots - not sure what to get

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Julz123, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Hey NR's,

    Got the bike, jacket, helmet.. now I need kevlar jeans and boots. Just having a difficult time deciding or knowing what is a good pair of boot to get.

    My rides will be mostly commuting to and from work in the suburbs and to the shops. I like to have a set that I can wear at work (as we all wear sneakers at work) and to walk around at shops reasonably comfortably.

    Am I making a bad decision getting either of the ones below?


    Or should I go for something that has greater protection such as this pair?


    If I were to have a set of boots with shin guards, I'd leave a pair of normal shoes at home and work to change into.

    What do you all think?

    Thanks :)
  2. Also, a friend of mine wears the dririder I-Ride boots and loves them. They look like they would be more comfortable for all day than the storms
  3. They don't look too bad and price-wise is not bad either. Thanks for the link. Re: Steel caps - I was told not to get steel caps in case it crushes your toes. Is that true what 'they' say?
  4. hmmm you are going to get a lot of different answers here.

    My view; and only my view I would buy the best boots you can that cover the shin etc do not need to be full on race boots for what you plan on doing say a pair of something like this - http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/sidi-cobra-boots and leave a pair of sneakers at work.

    The thing about commuting is that the greatest risk is being hit by a cage and for that you want protection from things being over extended and run over.

    In the end of course it depends on your personal risk aversion profile for the situation(s) you plan to be in. IE In my case commuting it is full boots, nicking down to the shops to get some milk in my local suburb, what ever I have on plus Helmet - Well I draw the line at thongs but runners all good.

    Best of luck.

    PS you are going to end up with multiple pairs of everything anyway so do not sweat the first purchase too much.
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  5. If you're spending all day at work on your feet, you're probably going to want to change into sneakers anyway. I've got pretty comfortable boots but they still get annoying to walk in after a while.

    Re steel caps, you'd need a huge weight to cause the steel cap to fail. Bigger concern would be that they won't do much to protect your heel or ankle.
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  6. As hyperspex says - the point of motorcycle boots is protection of ankles, heels & shins. If you can't decide - then get the best motorcycle boots you can afford. If you do go the safety boot route - don't do elastic sided. "they" say they come off your foot in a slide. They wouldn't give you any ankle protection anyway. Steels caps - if you get a weight on them heavy enough to crush the cap - what would it do to your toes if the cap wasn't there?

    For what it's worth I got a pair of AStar SMX-5, but the non waterproof ones. I smeared a good layer of Nikwax all over, working it in well into stitching & then when it's wet I put some electrical tape over the vents. Cross my finges haven't got a wet feet yet.
  7. I've got the RST raptor's and wear them all day at my desk job, comfortable and offer good protection / water proof.

    If you do a lot of walking then carry some sneakers in your backpack as the rigid sole hurts my feet if walking > 2km
  8. Personal choice is going to come into it a lot. I found riding in my steel caps, I kept dragging my sole on the ground in corners sort of thing. Plus I have the nubuck or whatever it's called and they really haven't faired well.

    I keep seeing an ad on here for a place in WA that has some boots I really liked and for a good price, but I don't like buying footwear without trying them on first or even knowing if they will cover the ankle?

    So I ended up getting these: http://amawarehouse.com.au/dririder-street-10-road-shoe-blk-p-26609.html

    They are pretty comfy, a little open at the back, not really what I wanted, but I had to stop using my work boots.

    Those canvas looking ones you have in your original post are similar to the ones I was looking at, but when I saw them in person at AMA, I was really disappointed.

    Good luck!
  9. i wore my riding boots for work for a good 6 months, now they are fcuked. too much walking ruins the shape of the boot. they are really only designed for small up/down gear changes and braking, plus walking to the servo counter and back.
    if you spend any amount of time with shoes on, dont skimp on what you wear. its just as bad as buying a shitty bed hoping for a good nights sleep
  10. i've got alpinestars smx-6's. Very comfy now that they are broken in ( took a week), most comfy with a good holeproof sock. but for days where I dont have a thick sock and I walk around all day, feet do get sore. but I wear them all the time and they're super comfy for riding and a bit of walking (or lots if i have good socks)
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  11. Take your work shoes with you in a backpack and wear proper boots on the bike.
    I would stay away from anything with laces as these can come loose and then get caught in stuff like the chain or hang up on something when you want to put your foot down at the lights.
    My preference is for a taller boot that gives good overlap with wet weather gear.
    If you are a real cheapskate, have a look through your local Gumtree ads. There's always someone getting out of riding and selling off their gear.
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  12. I only wear steel caps because I don't have a fixed point to go to at the moment....within in the next 12 months i'll have a "home" depot to go to, so at that point i'll be able to leave my work boots at work and change into them there.

    I know it's not ideal, but it'll do for now.
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  13. I spent $99 on my first pair(bullson maddox), basic full length with shin and ankle protectors, they worked well for a low speed mishap. They've been comfortable all day.
  14. I don't like wearing steel caps whilst riding,mind you I have rather large feet (AU size 14) so there isn't a lot of spare room but the lack of feel with the gear shift I find a little disconnecting.
  15. As others have said its a personal choice. I started with a pair of Joe Rocket boots great protection but not so great for long periods of standing or walking, so i eventually got a second pair of boots Fly Racing sneaker Hi Top style for those occasions.
  16. Thanks for all your input. Appreciate it. Seems like I need to get at least two sets of boots basically to suit the ride/situation.

    For me the local shops is literally 5kms down the road and only 60km/h, so I think ankle high boots will be 'fine'. Longer rides on highways etc, get full length boots.

    Mind you with my local shops at 5km away, I should just ride my pushy or walk instead, haha.
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  17. Don't say that, or else I'll feel bad riding 5k to work!!
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  18. I did feel bad when I used to ride my 4km commute, but only because I knew the bike didn't like it. To assuage my guilt, I'd leave work early and take the long way home every couple of days ... you know, just to get the oil nice and hot.
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  19. Think I have ridden straight home after work once in the 3 weeks or so it's been?
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