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Need boots! cant decide!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Paulstar, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I need some more gear asap! currently i have a shift octane jacket and a KBC VR2 helmet and some alpinestar knee armour.

    So far ive tried on Alpinestar boots, i like them they are nice an comfy size 41 i think i was. The thing about the Alpinestar boots is i pressed on them in all different areas and compared to another brand *memory blank* half the price and i could feel the same sort of internal re-inforcements but without the flashy racey buldges on the outside.

    I want a really good boot in terms of protection, and im not averse to the racey look. But i dont want to pay for the brand! I hear alot of good thigns about SIDI RE ankle protection.

    Im willing to buy online and the budget is flexible for the right boot but not more than $300

    Also need gloves! >_<

    Thanks for any input guys!
  2. Good to hear someone so young has his head screwed on the right way in regards to protection. :applause:
  3. Sidi's, Forma, SMX4's, FALCO, RJay Altitudes...........all good boots, just be careful buying online, make sure your sizing is right.

    I've also been told, hearsay only: ..buy from overseas and and the Aussie dealers very likely wont help you with any warranty issues youwould have to send them back from whence they came........ :cry: bit of a pain!! This especially applies to a particular boot not released in australia even if from an international company like A stars or SIDI for instance.

  4. One thing to watch out for it the height of the boot from sole to top at the area where the shift lever contacts; if the boot is "thick" there you're going to have to do some serious adjusting of the shift lever.
  5. I'm really wondering if i should pay 45$ more and get the S-MXR boot. Seems to offer a bit more protection but if the SMX 4's are easier to get on and off i reckon i'd be wearing them more.
  6. :cool:
  7. I bought a pair of A-Star S-MX Plus boots from sportbiketrackgear.com (via their ebay store). They retail for around $AUD470. Got 'em for $US230 + $US45 shipping ($AUD295). US Postal Express service incl. tracking number, etc...

    Delivered to my doorstep in 4 business days. It was the 1st time I bought bike gear over the net, so I was stressing out. However, this particular store provided great service. I highly recommend them.

    I'm usually a Size 42, however in A*, I had to go up to Size 43, as I couldn't get my foot into the 42.

    I've now worn them on about 3 rides. They're very comfortable. I don't have any issues about the time it takes putting them on. Like anything new, u do it a few times & becomes 2nd nature.

    What I liked about the SMX Plus that a lot of the other boots in the $300 price range didn't offer was the inner boot. Although it isn't removable (like on the Supertechs), the speed lace system offers awesome ankle support.
  8. I feel your pain - I am searching for a pair of SID Discovery boots, cant seem to find em anywhere