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Need bike shop in/near Malvern, today!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Can anybody recommend a bike shop in or near Malvern? I might need to ride my bike from Malvern to there this arvo, in first gear!

    Was riding around last night two up with a mate, and the bike developed trouble changing gears. I left his house (in Malvern) at 1.30am, and as I continued down the road, gear-changing become inpossible. I pulled over (under a street light), put the bike in neutral, and checked the tension on the clutch cable and experimented by pushing the connecting device on the gearbox itself. The cable was slack, not pulling the clutch open enough. A closer inspection revealed that the tubular piece of metal through which the cable travels, that piece which has a thread on the outside, such that it screws into the handlebar and can be screwed further in or out to change the tension in the cable, had snapped in two! The snap was of angle that it had kind of collapsed on itself, which made it difficult to rig it up in order to get home. I tried to sit it in a good position with itself, when suddenly it sprung back on itself, and it must have been very sharp - for it cut the clutch cable in two!!! I was stranded!

    I became reminded of how heavy the bike is to push!

    I rang a friend and she came and picked me up, at about 2 or 2.30am.

    I bought a cable for tha tfriend's bike recently, and it took a month to arrive from Japan! I didn't want to leave my bike on the street, as well as catch trams, for that period of time! :-( I rang Motabitz and they didn't have one. Peter Stevens, and they didn't have one. Cosways, and they have one (touch wood - I'm off there now).

    I've never replaced a clutch cable, and it looks a very delicate process at the part hooking onto the gear box. If it's too risky taht I'll damage things in my incompetence, I'll have to just ride it to a mechanic's shop, in first gear. I don't know of any down that way (amongst that heavy traffic!). Any recommendations?

    Cheers, Matt.

    Namo Amida Butsu
  2. you can always do some clutchless shifting - did you try that?

    geeez im not sure if there is anything near there. I live in chadstone if you want to park it there although i wont be home this weekend.

    Only bike shop there is the ducati place on dandenong road - just past warrigal road
  3. If it's just the outer snapped, then take a roll of tape (something good, like duct tape) and something to use as a splint, and splint the broken section. should work fine for a while. just put 2 or 3 long nails (or whatever you can use as a splint) down the sides and tape it up good and tight.

    My indicator stalk lasts a few thousand K's before the tape fails and I need to re-apply :p

    If you do a good job with the splints and tape then you should be able to ride it a few days at least till you can find somewhere that can replace it for ya.

  4. Camberwell motorcycles would be your closest, do a google search and you can get there contacts. I wouldn't recommend them for much because i've recently had quotes done for a few things and they always seem intent on trying to do more work than what I want e.g. i want a new battery, they try to get me to do a major service kinda thing.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Got some advice from Cosways, when I picked up the cable, and it turned out to be a simpler fix than I thought (you notice parts on a bike which you never saw, in the ominous dark of night!). Took about 20 mins, though I forgot to get a $2 part, and so had to do a second trip into the city during peak hour! :LOL: The bike rides like new with a new cable.

    I had to get in close to the underside of the tank etc and feed the cable through a maze of delicate motorcycle parts. And you know what, I learnt something new today...my frame has two $#%&*8 cracks in it!!!! Just under the steering section, where the frame divides into two, the two bars have a hairline crack in the same place, reaching for half way round the bar :(

    I guess the much better clutch action and alertness to another, very serious issue, early on, make the trouble of the whole escapade worth it.

    Cheers, Matt.