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Need bike advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster.

    Looking into getting a bike around oct/nov after i get my learners, (currently suspended on my car license so i cant go for it now =[)

    anyway i have about 10k to spend, however i would rather spend around 7 because otherwise ill feel compelled to get compo insurance and that is 3 grand a year.

    Anyway i have a shortlist of bikes can you guys give me your thoughts?

    Honda CB400
    Suzuki GS500/F
    Ducati Monster 620IE

    Will be doing a fair bit of highway work and im a heavy guy, around 100kg. so that rules out 250's i think.
  2. Suzuki GS500/F, enough said
  3. You can get a lovely GS500 used for a bit over $3000. That's a lot of beer money.

    600cc+ trail bikes are great, you could get a new DR650 well within your budget, brilliant on the highway I reckon.
  4. sv650 lams
  5. not sure if i want a throttle restricted lams bike. also can anyone tell me if the Ducati is also restricted?
  6. yeah the Lams version of the Duc is restricted
  7. If you plan on keeping the bike for a few years then get a cb400. It has no restrictions and you won't out grow it's power as quick as the others as vtec will keep you entertained for a long time. Holds its value very well.
  8. You can get any of the 400cc ducatis and they're not restricted, unlike the 620, which has had its balls removed.
    Ducati 400SS on Bikepoint
    Ducati Monster 400 on Bikepoint

    By no means are these the cheapest, or the best examples, all i did was a quick search.
    I would totally get a 400SS if i had to do my LAMS again.
  9. Of the bikes you've listed, GS500.

    But I'd add my vote for a DR650. I'm 6'2" and 110kg and mine is fine for me. It's an absolute hoot to ride and will handle highways and urban commuting with ease. Dirt cheap to run too.
  10. :) +1
  11. I'm selling my GS500F 2009 with 2600K in case you are interested.
  12. There's the problem.

    Buy a POS that you'll be happy to crash/flog/neglect, then put the rest of the money to the bike you really want once you get off restrictions.

    Every thinks, "Yeah, but I'm different, I'll keep this bike". You won't.
  13. I've had my cb400 learner bike for 8 months and am still on my L's. Considering I can remain on my Ls for another 7 months and am still restricted for a further year I will at least ride this bike for another 2 years. Maybe after that I may upgrade but the cb400 is the sort of bike with vtec and all that has enough power to always keep you satisfied and happy.

    Not to forget pre lams these bikes and other 250cc+ bikes were once looked at keeper bikes for fully licensed people.
  14. Hmmm,

    I really don't want to get a restricted bike, i think it would just feel strange though i will defiantly test ride a restricted bike to see what its like but ive been told its a 250cc with the weight of a 600, so that's not really a good thing i think.

    do you guys reckon the fairings would help a lot on the highway, as in enough to make them worth the extra 1-2k + drop risk? i prefer the look of naked bikes but i will probably do at minimum 8 trips per year between canberra and sydney for university. that is before doing road trips and tours etc.

    the CB400 is by far my favorite its just too expensive for what it is i think, unless i can pick up an older one for about 7.5-8 grand then i couldn't afford it on top of licensing/leathers/insurance.
  15. That's a cold ride in Winter.

    Find a GS500F with some scratched up fairings, take the fairings off for a few months while it's still warm, and then when you have some more experience under your belt chuck them back on for the winter.

    The 500 has a gutless top end, but it will pull well up to 160, just struggles to go higher than that unless it's downhill. Good tourer, upright comfortable sitting position, good fuel economy, testy in the mornings if you are running a bit lean (carburetor), but otherwise it'd suit your needs.

    They go ok in the twisties, but you aren't going to catch a supersport or a litre bike so don't even try.
  16. There's a couple nice cb400s in that price range on trading post and bike sales. Keep
    looking and you'll find one in your price range.
  17. Nope.

    Get a naked, a set of thermals and a teaspoon of cement.
  18. somewhat agree. Cotton thermals under draggins are enough for me in below ten degrees. However the wind blast from having no screen at highway speeds is a right pain in the top of the left nut.
  19. Guys, guys, hold on a minute - this fellow wants to go to Canberra a few times a year...presumably in weather thats not always peachy.

    I would HIGHLY recommend fairings, and the GS500 is a good steed choice for a beginner - reliable, lots of spares getting around, good usable power & torque...etc. Take it from me mate, you'll want fairings, I live there and couldn't survive without them.

    Anyway, GS500's can be picked up secondhand pretty cheaply in good nick (sub 5k) or for even less if you don't mind dings and a few imperfections (sub 3.5k). Thats my vote. The CB400 is more technical complexity and weight than is worth it in a 400 in my opinion, and the Ducati would be a pain to live with even if it is nice to ride. The DR650 would be another option as others have mentioned, but highway riding is definitely more suited to the faired GS500.

    Cheers - boingk
  20. It's not that I'm against a fairing. I loved the barn doors on my BMs. It's whether the extra cost and vulnerability of the fairing is worth it for an occasional use that falls outside the bike's primary purpose. For me, the answer to that is probably no (and I do know about cold weather on a naked, being a Pom). It is just an opinion though.