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Need backyard plastic welder

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I require a back yard plastic welder to fix my cracked fairings before the 5th of november in sydney. Willing to pay a decent price, dont need paint or anything just a strong weld and sand back the surrounding area.

    Also need a bondo job on a hole in the fairings, but thats less important, happy to go to different people for both jobs, or the same person, i dont need a good finish, just for the stuff to be fixed so i can go to the track.

    Let me know via pm

  2. i did my own using a soldering iron, just melt along the crack and push the molten material into the hole.
    i coated with polyester resin afterward to fill the small holes, but i'm ham-fisted, you might get a better finish than me

    just a thought
  3. yeah ill have a crack at it myself if nobody can help me out, but im pretty busy so hopefully someone can!

    where did you buy the plastic rod to melt? can you get them at bunnings etc?
  4. Ive welded crap tonnes of vinyl . id give it a go if you get the tools. Unless someone states that vinyl and plastic welding have nothing in common.
    Id say piss easy job.And no 300kg roll of vinyl to haul around,just makes it easier

    i do own a soldering iron and have fixed a radiator with it ,was not pretty i did it with some similar hard plastic ,some epoxy resin , still working months later
  5. no plastic rod, you're just melting and reshaping the already broken bit
  6. oh i have seen guides where they melt another rod of the same plastic into the joint then sand back.

    Morbosity, thanks for the offer ill let you know, probably not as your up newy way.
  7. Yep that's proper plastic welding.
    The way I suggested works well, only real difference is not using extra material.

    my nosecone. cracked just above my thumb. this is post weld/resin/primer.
    hard to pick the crack unless you're looking for it
  8. +1 for the use of soldering iron and filler material. I bought some ABS plastic rods off eBay to fix up some used fairing I bought, had a huge crack down the side near the indicator, and a chunk missing from the front under the headlight. I patched and repainted, have dropped stationary in the garage a couple times since then, still holding strong after 12 months
  9. you can get the plastic weld off ebay and they do supply weld 'rods' strips and different plaastics for their own purpose, the soldering iron will melt your fairing along the crack, and using resin on the cracks will ensure she wont let go..take your time with it and you'll be ok.
  10. What strength soldering iron? 25 watt (electronics)? 50 watt (auto electrics)?

    I've seen the results of a mate's work hold up for years after. He just used some strips cut from extra plastic from similar broken panels (ex wreckers) as 'welding rod'. His was a honda and the plastic was marked "ABS".
  11. If you go into my project bike thread you can see the post about how i did it, i ended up doing diy, was easy, just put my iron on max and melted the plastic back together than filled it with a layer of super strong epoxy over the top.