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Need Assitance - Day one on the new bike has been hard!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by turnipcorp, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Hi

    Well day one on my newly bought 02 sv650 has been hard and is big step up from a 125 Auto Vespa.

    While taking off i stalled and dropped the bike...only damage was to the Clutch lever...got a new one but i dont know how to install it.....any advice or can anyone point me to a manual that will guide me?

    Also i have to get a new can...as the one i have is illegal in NSW.....what a great day one!!

    any way ....seems really easy to install a slip on and as the bike has all ready been installed with a sports exhaust so the pipes have all ready been cut.

    I dont want to pay for labour on something that look so easy to do...is it hard to install a slip on? should i pay for the install or just try myself?


  2. With the clutch lever, get yourself a small tool kit and take the old one off. You'll quickly see how to put the new one on, it's a piece of piss.

    I've only done one exhaust but that was very easy too. But I wouldn't bother changing yours unless you've been pulled over by the cops and told to. Most roadworthy inspectors will pass a loud pipe without question - some will simply ask you to show that you've got a standard one so they can tell the cops "well he had a standard on it when I inspected it."
  3. Thanks...will give clutch a try then...do i need to be careful of the clutch cable retracting once i take the old lever off...?

    I'll take the bike up tomorrow then and see if i can get it the blue slip

    Thing is i don't have the standard one and as i have to go for vehicle ID inspection i am worried the RTA will knock it back

    thanks again
  4. How can you find out if your exhaust is legal? I'm thinking of getting one for my bike, but I'm afraid it'll get me into trouble with the coppers!! :?
    I'm not allowed to post URLs just yet but will put it here as soon as I'm off my "netrider L's" :grin:
  5. well just take it if it gets knocked back then wory about a new can, otherwise you may have wasted cash you didn't need to spend

    with the clutch lever, make sure you remove the clutch start switch from underneath first, and make sure it goees back on with the switch in the right position, undo the bolt the lever pivots on, remove old lever, put new lever in, re-install the screw, then the switch
  6. Got my netrider P's!! The exhaust I want to fit to my bike is this:

    Now, I don't know if it'd be legal to have it here in NSW. A second problem would be exactly where to fit the license plate... :? :?
  7. The banjo bolt at the end is most likely thicker than the hole it pokes out of... if you're worried, get some needle-nose pliers and hold the cable just behind the banjo bolt as you remove the lever. You can then let it rest back against the hole and it'll hold the pliers in place.

    Tell the mechanic you've got the standard exhaust. If he questions you on it, I'm sure you'll find somebody online who can lend you a stock zorst for the inspection. Most mechanics, at least down here in Vic, couldn't give a rat's how loud your pipes are.
  8. Where are you at? Someone may have done a Blue Slip easily enough already in your area (I did one Northern Beaches, no issues)

    Car mechanics are happy to take the cash and move onto the next job. Don't go to a bke shop (even though I don't think they can do Blue Slips) as they would know the exhaust is aftermarket and can find other things "wrong".

    [EDIT] ANd why do you need a Blue Slip - have you bought an interstate reg'd bike? Anyway, same rules for pink slip - take it to a car mechanic, unless you know a bike mechanic
  9. thanks for all the advice

    How do i know my pipes are illegal?

    To be honest i am not sure anymore....the RTA advised me that without a compliance plate showing Maufacturer and Db it was illegal.

    The EPA website said the plates are no longer required as of 06.

    So i dont kow anymore...a bike mechanic told me they wont pass

    To be honest.. i am going to go to car mechanic as toecutter suggested...makes great sense!

    Thanks for all the advice!!!
  10. How can identify the clutch start switch?
  11. contact motoplast, he'll pass it for you !
  12. First off - congratulations! You have a fantastic mid-level learning bike that, with a few suspension upgrades can be made into a great trackbike.

    Exhaust - I seriously doubt you would have a problem without a compliance plate - just give it a shot.

    Clutch lever replacement - cant remember any of details of my sv, but if you are unsure and have a digital camera, take a picture (or 3) of the assembly before you start and each step of the disassembly. This way you have a very cheap (free) step by step history of your breakdown. Makes it 1 moolion times easier to put back together. (This goes for all mechanical work).
  13. its a little black box screwed to the under side of the clutch assembly, there should be 2 screws and it will drop straight out, before you put it back in plug the wires back in, turn the key on and try to start the bike, whilst sitting on the bike with it in gear, if it lurchs forward, switch the switch the other way, when you have it so it doesnt try to start, re install the switch
  14. So... let me get this straight... you went from an AUTOMATIC 125cc scooter to a full on 650cc bike? Hmmmm. Am i the only one that thinks this is crazy?
  15. yes. I suspect you are.
  16. Dam... I was waiting for someone to say to that!!! The CBR 600 RR is my first bike too. EVER!!!! I know it sounds ludicrous but it's true. Obviously I've ridden bikes before, but all together I wouldn't say I've earned my wings just yet (under 1500km, for sure!) as they were a GS500E and scooters. I've had my license long enough (L's and P's) and now it's unrestricted, so I bought the RR. I did it cause I didn't want to loose money on the long run (upgrading bikes and all). Hopefully I'm old enough (or responsible enough) to take good care of her.
    Please a minute of silence in memory of my intelligence.

  17. Well obviously I can't tell if your sarcastic or not but I just don't think it is a good idea. I know theres not much of a difference between 250cc bikes and 600's etc but 250's are much more forgiving bikes in general and I honestly think its much better to learn (and thats what you are doing) on before progressing to a bigger bike.

    I've been riding for a few years now with well over 20,000 k's behind me and I'm only just thinking about upgrading to a +250cc bike because I dont like all the rev's to keep up with traffic and cruise on the highway.

    Sorry to Highjack your thread. SV650 looks good, will consider it myself when I update.
  18. No sarcasm there mate... I understand and (partially, of course) agree with you! My plan (and God knows how long I'll stick to it:LOL: ) is to do my OWN P's, if you know what I mean. I'll do my best to ride her gently and slow (except for the odd track day) for at least 6 months. I know my skills are way bellow the level the machine requires, so I'll take it easy. Very easy.
    Got some good gear just in case, crash sliders on the way! :grin:
  19. Re: Need Assitance - Day one on the new bike has been hard!!

    hey Marty,

    Did you end up fixing this? Send me a PM if you like some help. I am in the east and can pop over and give u a hand or two.