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Need assistance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Sir Skuffy, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Hey all.

    Does anybody know of a specialist car/bike painter in the melbourne area?

    There is something I want to do to the bike that is quite specific and requires a fine touch

  2. Do you need to polish bum cheek marks out of the top of the fuel tank? :LOL:
  3. What about Balls H/P out at Sunshine, isn't his shop asociated with a paint shop?
  4. Not exactly.....

    I am after someone that actually knows what they are doing as there is something I would like to try with the bike. Something subtle yet very effective
  5. I suggest then you go to one of the custom chopper places, like Gotham City (although they may be a little busy - I saw teh car crashed on Monash Fwy yesterday and they were exchanging details) :)
  6. Motorcycle paint clinic , Reservoir , PH 9469 5146 . Have seen his work and would recommend him .
  7. www.racepaint.com.au

    top blokes. they know their shit :)
  8. what about original finish, i actually saw the guy there using a tiny tiny brush doing the finest work. don't know if he is an air brush kind of artist though, you'd almost be better going to one of the art schools and finding a final year student
  9. For this work you need purely technical skills such as an experienced commercial or graphic artist has. A fine arts student will almost certainly give you great designs and concept but probably not the really fine work you're looking for.