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need advice

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Billy Batson, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. I have bought a lifter to lift the rear end of my bike to oil/clean the chain..the bike leans to the left on the stand , so only one lug is in contact with the bobbin.do I heave down on the lifter and hope the bike rights itself..I have visions of it toppling over to the left while half way up...do I prop up the side stand so it is nearly vertical then heave on the lifter? ..do I need to lock the bike vertical with a front wheel stand before lifting the back end? do I get a mate to hang onto the front end while hoiking up the back?..I need advice on the right way to do this before I Fup and drop the bike....8-[

  2. get a mate to hold it hope it all works out
  3. do you have any timber to 'prop' the other side? If you can prop your bike to when you stand behind the bike to lift it then you'll have contact. I have a lifter without the bobbin though mine the flat type so much easier [in my eyes] I prop mine to centre while standin aside the bike when both make contact on the swingarm I use my foot to push down and lift, put a brick at front wheel too, if you have somene to keep the bike straight for you then its a piece of piss
  4. not so easy propping rhs, the huge Cat conv is directly underneath the frame cant get a load point to put a prop under , can prop the lhs ok under the side stand but nervous about trying this and it getting away from me on way up/down..my missus wouldnt be able to hang onto it if it tipped over ..tks for reply
  5. It's kind of awkward the first couple of times, but it isn't really that hard. If there are two people - that makes it very easy, but on your own just connect up the left bobbin, stand at the back, straighten up the bike, engage the right bobbin, then put your weight on the handle and lever it up. Once you have both sides in, the stand will keep the bike straight and all you have to do is lever it up. I use both hands on the tail piece and my right foot on the race stand. I did it for the first time a few days ago, and it isn't really any harder than it looks.
  6. Yep, what KD says.
    And on the way down, I stand behind the rear sprocket with a "guiding hand" under the left frame-rail, and watch that the sidestand doesn't fold up before letting go...
  7. I cheat and use a front stand as well. Actually have the front stand as it gives me more room in the garage as the bike is up straight.

  8. hmmmmm all you guys are giving me good advice and I appreciate it ..its reinforcing my opinion that a front stand is the way to go..if the side stand folds up on the way down its all over red rover once the downward inertia takes over. and there is no way I can see me "standing at the back and straightening up the bike" thanks again to y'all