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Need advice please

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by SLAMMIN, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. G,day guys and girls...never owned a scooter...just found the forum, so HELLO...looking at buying a 50cc to bum around on...found a cheapy browsing the interweb...called a GAMAX Spillo...are they a good little unit or are they crap?...will people refer to it as a GAYMAX?...should i spend extra and get a better known brand?....ALSO, are there any particular 50cc scooters that handle unsealed roads a bit better than regular models?...like a road/trail bike....THANKS HEAPS FOR ALL REPLIES...ride safe...look out for me, in my truck...peace out!

  2. Welcome..
    Why don't you step in the Welcome lounge and say hi? It's here


    Updating your profile would help attract comments relative to your state/bike etc..

    50cc scooters are for 10min rides max and for roads with a 60km/h sign
    Any longer trip or in faster roads, 50cc is a no go...
  3. ok thanks Tony
  4. btw, i'm riding a 50cc daily to work for the last 2 years.. and it's the best thing to do, if it is only for 10 min and in 60km zones!!!!
  5. Yeah agree with the above. Even if you can legally ride a 50cc scooter on your car license (in some states) they're probably ore dangerous than they're worth as you simply have absolutely NO power to get out of a tricky situation (should it occur), having said that, you can't be going so fast that you shouldn't be able to brake in a hurry.

    As for a 50cc scooter that can handle dirt, forget about it. If that's what you're seeking get yourself a 50cc chook chaser or a postie bike maybe, CT90, little bigger than a 50cc but virtually indestructable. Pushbike type tires so gonna be useless on dirt but then who cares, it's only a postie bike :D
  6. Yup, pretty useless offroads. Especially the cheap ones, as the wheels will be tiny, ie crap for offroad. Not to mention the lack of ground clearance, the dodge suspension and the lack of torque required for that type of riding. A cheap postie bike could be the ticket though. Or maybe just get a 150-250cc dirt bike? :)
  7. depends what you mean by "unsealed roads", if you are thinking just a short bit of gravel driveway, then you'll be fine, just have to take it easy. If your thinking of touring gravel country back roads, then hahahahaha forget it - you aint going to be going far on a 50cc scoot.
  8. cheers guys, appreciate all your replies...i'm going to take a look at the Gaymax Spillo tomorow morning...just a cheapy and i will probably kill it soon enough...but i'll try it, to and from work, 15 mins each way
  9. yeah mate, thats exactly what they're made for, so i'm sure you'll love it. Good luck.