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Need advice on this fizzer! And General Predicament

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rashpocket, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Hi im new to NR but iv been reading this site avidly for a while :)
    I got my L's a while ago (in Dec 08) but still havnt purchased a bike. haha
    I finally got a hold of this guy selling his fizzer for $1800 with 10 months rego.
    Now im not usually a suspicious person but im not to sure what to think of this sale.
    Its a 1990 3ln with 40000 kms on the clock and it looks sorta ordinary from the pics. Now im not to big on looks because im just counting down the days until i can get ahold of a 600-->>1000cc bike :twisted:
    But the problem is my friend just got his L's and within a week bought a new 08 aprilia rs125. :shock: for $7999
    soooooooo now i wana be able to smoke him (naturally) but my budget is alot lower than his right now its - 2-2.5k :grin:
    So after hours of thought and profanity i set myself a target of buying a nsr150SP or Cagiva Mito 125 :cool:
    Mainly so i can smoke his cocky ass. Im willing to wait a month or two to throw 4k at a cagiva or 3-3.5k at a nsr.
    So i need advice on my predicament. The reason im after a 2T is people always talk of 250 4T bikes being comfortable and all that jazz but ill admit i am an adreneline junky and i would rather be holding onto the egde of my seat for dear life :eek:hno:
    Thanks in advance

  2. 2k for a POS bike for yourself. $500 for someone to sabotage your mates bike.
    Problem solved :grin: .
  3. My advice would be to worry less about smokin your mate and worry about keeping which ever bike you get upright. You could buy a GPX250 and be a better rider than your mate, that's the best way to smoke him.
  4. im scared that i will get bored of a 4stroke 250 in a few months :(
    need something that i can consistently psuh myself on, but then again safety first eh.
    :idea: i could roll small potatoes down the exhaust of his aprilia :LOL:
  5. you will be bored with the power of a 250.

    but, its a training bike for a reason.

    spend the time working on the basic skills and smooth cornering. when it comes to getting round corners theres PLENTY of room to push your ability on a 250. its a much more satisfying skill, straight line power is good for the simple adrenaline rush
  6. It's a 2-stroke - just drill a hole in the expansion chamber.
  7. that is logic speaking there.
    but why cant some decisions/actions exclude all logic?
    There must be some one to give positive advice for a learner buying a 125/150 2T :?:
    Iv heard it makes you a better rider througout the learning phase, and im not phased with constant maintainence because i relish the idea of rolling up my sleeves and fixing stuff.
  8. You think you will get bored of a 4-stroke....

    Wait until you ride a 125-150 2 stroke. Just as boring but with no torque. :LOL:

    If your main aim is speed you will get bored of any LAMS bike, however riding is so much more then raw speed.
  9. Yep. Better off picking up a cheap 2nd hand LAMS legal dirtbike and sticking some road tyres on it. With the right sprocket ratio you could at least be assured of leaving your mate for dead at any green light.
  10. There arnt to many straights around orange, mainly twisties (because Orange is situated on an old volcano)
    Thats the reason why i wanted a 2T to thrash around the twisties :p
  11. Amen to that! A 125 2-smoke is not nearly "edge of your seat", they make about the same power as a 250 4-stroke. Get a bigger LAMS bike if you want outright speed. 250 2-smokes are more of a handful, but not LAMS-approved, unfortunately for you.
  12. 2 strokes are for girls.
  13. I have advice. The only thing you'll be able to smoke comforably on a 125 is a cigarette. All the 2t bikes you have available on LAMS couldn't drag race a potato sack. :wink:

    Learn to ride and you might find you make up time in the corners and leave a few people behind, but that may be a faster process on a more user friendly bike such as a 4t 250. :)

    Learning is the key to going fast. Practice, practice and more practice, combined with listening to advice from experienced riders and a bit of time. Buying a 2t won't make you an instant Rossi. :)
  14. Well, you sound like you convinced a 2-smoke is the bike for you. You should just buy one and have fun in it.

    Sure, you will have a ball on one in the twisties but apart from that they ain't good for anything else besides the race track.

    Once again, if the racetrack is your thing, go nuts, I'd love a little smoker for the track, but even then, unless its a 125GP bike I couldn't think of anything more boring. And road versions of these are far away from their GP cousins.

    Another option is the CBR250. I know there are a lot of haters out there, but it was an awesome bike for me to learn on, and suited my riding style perfectly. Heaps of clearance, aggressive (for a 250) riding position and a motor that really was sweet when you were slamming through the gears on your favourite bit of road.

    Any of the old 4-cyl 250's would be a good bike for your desired riding style. It was so much easier jumping on my new bike after learning on the CBR.

    But, if your really set on a 2-stroker, go get one, have a ball, learn to ride and forget what the key board warriors tell you. :cool:
  15. even if i didnt want to hear it u guys have given decent advice.
    i will continue my endless thought processes and i suppose just buy what the best bargain is, 2T or 4T i dont really care that much......just need to get off my restrictions :grin:
  16. This comment, plus your age, suggests you may not enjoy that bike for long.
    On a serious note at this stage your focus should be on learning to ride, not getting a faster bike - and for that pretty much any bike will do.
    If it's slower than your mates then so what. If they don't at least wait up for you on the straights then they're a cock.