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need advice on scooter fuel tank

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by sin, May 8, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking at purchasing a year old second hand aprilia mojito from another person, they've just had the safety certificate done on the scooter and the only fault which has come back is that the fuel tank has had a bit of water damage. the owner was quite suprised since he's always kept it garaged and it's in top condition.

    my question is, is it going to be worth having this repaired then buying the scooter, or is the damage even if it gets fixed going to cause other problems down the line? is it better to bail out now regarding the sale and look for something else? it's still got a year's manufacturers warranty remaining, it's done 1800km, hasn't had any accidents etc so this is the main draw back at this point.

    being that this is my first scooter i would really appreciate some know-how advice.

    many thanks,
  2. What does the damage consist of & what is the tank made out of?

    Did it fail the safety cert because of this or is it just a note?

    If it's just had water in it, you may have some rust problems down the line, but if it plastic, you' won't have any trouble.

    More info?
  3. 50 or 125? If its a 50, look at something else. Lots of engine problems have shown up in low-kilometre examples, mostly due to poor exhaust design.

    It sounds like it's had water in the fuel, common in a wet Brisbane summer. The problem isn't necessarily fatal if the tank is changed or resealed, and the carb cleaned out properly. It's a good reason to fit an accessory fuel filter in the line.

    For similar money, I'd be looking at an equivalent sized Vespa. Same mechanical bits (apart from the exhaust) but your resale value will be heaps better and they are genuinely good. If money is an issue, then a Bug Pronto is great value and a very strong and reliable 50. In 125s a Piaggi Fly is my pick, mostly due to its 5000km service intervals, which gives it an edge over the Sym VS125, another good choice.
  4. Hi guys,

    thanks so much for your input. i got some more news from the seller this morning saying that the engine had quite some damage as well so... with alarm bells ringing in my head i'm passing this one up and looking for something else.

    i was looking at a 50cc mojito but after this experience have decided to steer clear.

    i'm really looking at something with a retro feel to it, ultimately i would like to upgrade to the Vespa GTS250ie, but in the mean time am going to get something relatively cheap to learn to ride.

    how do the sym retro's stack up?

  5. Retros stack up very well, as do Vespa 50s. I know where's there's such a Vespa not registered or being used, as its owner is now in love with a GT200. She looks after her scooters, so while I haven't seen the 50 (LX I think but it might be an ET), I'd assume it to be an easy re-register. Vespa values are the best in the business and the 50 goes very well. Do you have a budget in mind?

    If you want to know more, or get some advice, e-mail me at bumblebeeman1150 (at) hotmail.com