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Need advice on new cruiser ...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RogueTrader, May 18, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    First time poster here, so a big herrrrooo to everyone! :p

    I'm getting my Ls soon, just wondering which bike i should get for my first bike.

    Suzuki VL250
    Honda VT250c
    Hyosung GV250 Aquila

    comfort and safety will be my biggest concerns, as i will be joining the "weekend warrior" club....

    Many thannks in advance :cool:
  2. Yammie XV250 Virago? seems to be more popular than the others...opinion's still out there on the Hyo's...some people still aren't convinced of the quality of the koreans..

    Can't say I've heard anything bad about the suzi, and well, can't go wrong on a honda :grin:

    good luck on your L's test, and welcome to the forum :)
  3. Welcome cruiser rider, safety has nothing to do with what bike you chose to ride, it will be determined by the way you ride it.
    Good Luck.
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  5. hi there.

    which state are you in???

    In NSW they have lams approved bikes and some bigger cruisers can also be within your limits (you grow tired of a 250 cruiser very quickly!)

    I think some of the 650's have restricters that can be removed after getting off your P's
  6. thanks for the quick replies! :cool:

    I'm in NSW..... over 30 as well (doh)... would i be able to get a crusier over 250 after i pass my Ps?

    updating my profile now

    thanks! :grin:
  7. You can get a cruiser over 250 WHILE you're on your P's within certain limitations. NSW uses the LAMS approved method rather than capacity under 250. Meaning, there are certain 650cc cruisers which have a pwoer/weight ratio that falls under LAMS approval. I think Suzuki make one, but I don't know any nams or models on cruisers :p

    Good luck
  8. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/tests/motorcycleridertrainingscheme/motorcyclesnoviceriders.html

    this is the RTA list of LAMS motorcycles (learner approved). Bigger cruisers that are on the list include:

    - Hyosung GV650L (i believe this one has restrictors that can be removed when you're allowed to to make a full-powered 650)
    - Yamaha XVS650

    It also says Honda Shadow on there...maybe someone knows of a <660cc shadow? I thought they were 750+
  9. I'm also over 30 and learning on a cruiser. In my case the choice was made by my father in law as it's his bike (also a learner) so I'm on a Suzuki Intruder of a weekend.

    My thoughts, it's comfortable but incredibly uninspiring. The rake angle on the front forks isn't even remotely conducive to low speed handling (which will be a part of your riding test) and it doesn't corner too well at higher speed either as it's reluctant to lean over. To give you a comparison, my Dad's Harley Davidson Ultraglide Ultra Classic leans in to corners with a lot more gusto than the little 250 despite it being the epitome of a touring bike.

    While a little cruiser won't stop you from learning properly I think you'd be better off with a more conventional bike like a vtr250 to learn on and really master your riding skills, even if you do plan on getting a cruiser when you get off restrictions. I know that's what I'd prefer to be doing.
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  11. in nsw dont bother getting a 250 cruiser get either the hyo gv650 which is restricted or the xvs650 yamaha vstar no restrictions if your planning of upgrading to a larger cruiser after restrictions are over get the yamaha as it has more power then the hyosung, the hyo cruiser is way over restricted
  12. oh WOW! the Yamaha xvs650 looks sooooooooo nice
    /in love now.... :LOL:
  13. good man stay away from the hyo gv650 i dont care what anyone else says, with the hyo you might as well be on a 250

    alternatively move to the act and get anything upto and including a 1600 cruiser
  14. the XVS650 is a nice nice nice looking bike.
    I just bought his big brother, the 1100.
    Best ride i've had ever.

    Had a year on a GPX, and once on the XVS1100 felt so much more comfortable, it's not afraid to leave into the corners either, obviously still going through the feeling out stage at the moment, but so far amazing.

    The 650 is really well priced I feel, you could get it for $10K new if u're a bargainer
  15. Don't buy a 250 cruiser :!: The Yamaha looks good!
  16. XVS650 CUSTOM. Beautiful, solid powerful bike which will make your go nads tingle whenever you enter the garage.

    Plus plenty of aftermarket acessories.